Charge Your Phone With Fear

Wednesday, March 28th

An amusement park ride in England will charge your phone with your screams. That news prompted Jonathan & Kitty to imagine other innovative phone charging methods.

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There's a new amusement park in England okay. What I knew in these impart to new ride at an amusement park Thorpe park has a new Walking Dead roller coaster. Walking Dead roller coaster and what's cool about it. It's got an act zombie yeah jump out of you but I don't know but that maybe focus feature an entrusted me. Is the roller coaster lets you charge your phone they just like plug it into the car with your fear. When he wasn't. Hot hot hot hot hot up and scientists and queen Mary University of London. Came up with this and it harvests energy from the vibration. Of your screams. It's supposedly guy is. Train carriages on the right have been fitted with devices that contain kinetic energy technology. Kinetic energy includes everything from the G force and vibrations of the ride. Tears screams. So. If you. Then my phone is really low we need to go back and I'm not I'm glad I. Got out of and scream louder does it know your staging it. I wanted to know is if you figure in midstream knows when you're afraid not if you're not. Home man I still only have 17%. You know as I know is I'm not being sincere. We'll wait a leaner more in the bedroom two. You know there are other things that. Other technology that they need to Adventist okay so you and I can just charge are found it is kind of nice if you think the body you don't have to. Kerry one of those little instant battery charger pack so be ready for an outlet. Exactly so charging with fear but what other things we have charging with sarcasm I'll we'd be seeing Vienna huh. 100% I really don't think channel like Connecticut energy and your eyes rolling as. Well for me especially as I like reading the day's news or looking at my Twitter feed. The specimen yeah I'm totally unfounded you can bet I like to read out loud some of that. Tweets from certain people and you're like why you even look at that I'd like you got it. While I bite my energy you could create energy and charge my phone at the same time it's so hopefully those scientific breakthroughs are coming soon as well.