Chloe Louise

Tuesday, May 22nd

Introducing Chloe Louise, our Project M Champ for 2018. She talks with Jonathan & Kitty about competing in our singer-songwriter competition, and creating her new album. More info about Chloe here.

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We love being the sound of Madison and love being local boom we can. Kitty so once again we left the side door unlocked and some people under it and equipped. Which is nice it's our project Dem winner this year of the tenth anniversary of project and then we say hello to Chloe Louise deployed and I hey good morning Vallely thanks for coming ending queue for having so. First volume had a CD release party this all worked out so while I mean you entered project down. And you were pretty much putting the finishing touches on a CD errors are yeah. But no I Yahoo! we had at the the week before the finale of project and we were it was getting mastered cellular. So that worked out perfectly then she wins project damages his CD release party on Friday a few people showed up for that. He couple under edit edit this kind of nuts we. We hit Max capacity and some really dedicated people waited for an hour in the rain to come and really all my he's. Wow OK so that that's fantastic winning project done means you get a gig at summer fest and you're going to be on the hardly stage and I said sit close last week you know. You're going to be on the highly stage are kind of earlier in the day and you're not worried about that you've got a whole posse coming. I do have a pretty dedicated group of people that. Follow me around. OK she's got a good fan base and a you also won a guitar for more brought music a thousand bucks if you spent the I guess we are now officially given I have an. After a deal. So that the project and competition really psych test our winners what it was like to have to deal with. Creating new songs every week and most of them in the end seem to like it while it's happening I don't enjoy. I well I originally wanted to do the competition because in a songwriter first I've been doing it forever and I just kind of was. Curious if I can handle you know being outside of my own life lake if someone can give me a prompt. I write and I. I wrote to piece of paper and I wrote to a newspaper and I wrote the technology there I'm done promptly I put out an act like them some of those signs rule for Serbia album number two of them. I mean it's crazy sound I think I yes it's very stressful like I had anxiety from sunny morning till Monday night every week. Like you to send you an email every week with another prompt to think yeah. I tell you I'm on a stage. And boring and he's gone. So while we're talking to Chloe Louise are projects and champion this year we're gonna play the song that's one of the prizes that she wins is one of her songs in rotation near triple a mobile Internet the second. But your back on your your little more country when she Sammy. Yeah I would say for sure when ray was younger and I picked up a guitar and was like I'm going to be a senior someday I thought I was going to be a should I Twain and Faith Hill and but as you get older and as the more people I worked with Sinn. I just realized that songwriting is universal and I like to dabble in other things as well song I would say I am. Unless cost there the pop country world. Yeah which is which is a fantastic. Now you made fun of your dead during the competition few times and her sister is here now is felt the you're out family it's super supportive arm right from the starter at the beginning like what are you doing. Yeah but I think the best thing they could have ever done for me is that my parents were never pushy stage parents like I've been doing theater. And musicals and singing sounds like a TARP and they were never like. Well now they are. They are never like our daughters the dancer router so talented they literally would just like. Drumming out picking up support me Michael but they were never told my had too hard which I think made it way better because I feel like I'm probably. More enjoyable bureau I don't know yeah I just came out but I think signs down. You can go to Sam Bennett records dot com slash Chloe Louise did take take a look at her website but your album now hard to tell is everywhere and I. Everywhere you Spotify iTunes album music Amazon and Google blanked. Big gap it's all over the place and I can order hard copies starting today because I have a special call cover that you can color yourself. What kid really cool I had primary also the case do you color your own contract and you can and it to me online hash tag color Khloe and it's awesome.