Coliseum on the Move?

Friday, April 1st

Jonathan and Kitty talk about the possibility of moving the Coliseum to a new location!

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It's Jonathan in kitty in the morning here one of 5:5 triple lemon all morning long we've been talking about this proposal. To move the Alliant Energy center it's how far kitty like 500 yards it'll stay in the same general vicinity but. Still make rom for something shiny and new to go in its place and I just hit it seems impossible for this to happen I don't know how they can do it but we found out the company. That is going to be doing the move in joining us on the phone is the chief engineer of Hercules contract. When we did what any short shift jobs in Portugal there on the status than listen there's been. I was a very similar calculus. I bitch doesn't seem like it at all on the crane inspector I don't think there's pop. So we got a guy on the phone his name is Eddie Mike James and I guess he is an idea of what's gonna happen it's kind of his plan. I'm ready to put. Together what I think is going to be great saying you know when you think of all the performers we would we immortalized them perhaps in statute nor. Like a wax museum. It is our great eight it didn't it get over that we are Iraq yeah. Nobody does not one he made it sound opinions on black M. Where all these people equally but he let. Our starting out it yeah it's great. I am a little concerned about. That I had to part of it did well I hear you talk a cough thing I haven't yet even. What do they just took the top off with the planet but in the enrolled at all or under I'll I come to it interesting that you are. At a hearing that they're gonna make it hurt him into a museum and because I actually heard that they that they couldn't do. But they're not go to our the young kids who work at it. Thank you could come really you don't you don't think it would be a good idea. Now. Overall.