Condiment Conundrum

Wednesday, July 18th

Jonathan & Kitty celebrate National Hot Dog Day by getting into an argument. It's what they do.

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And today's national hot dog they'd Jonathan Murray aware of that. We now have a hot dog show and go have wonay here. Favorite gas station and gas station hot dogs those are the only hot dogs I ever have it's like. Desperation food because of find somewhere but there's other things to eat out choose the other thing I want she's the hot dog but if it's like. All the hot dogs are three for a dollar. The wind along and their role in along who knows how long they've been there it's like I better Eden now our I've got to rescue it by. Eating. There's it's not a real delicate you don't have dressed can be the best place to get him is actually Home Depot. I don't really care for them and a lot of hype about those hot dogs and then I tried it. How well the last time he had when there I heard they had a different person and their is gonna buy. I don't know about a month ago it over everything on it. Now fall then you don't know which. But probably I would at. And still hot dog that I didn't like. The actual Kosher one that there is the meat that is the hot dog everything else was fine yeah got a fan but you know a lot of people are. Your first mistake is. When you eat a hot dogs we don't know what's gone on and you've got again at Chicago style which means everything that they have in the building except catch up. Because then you don't even really taste cut he got the peppers onions and and our cats. I may have in the past and not even. Don't even know what anyways go out there is survey about the top. Toppings. For hot dogs every man this is while ketchup is number one that's those people are should I'll go to hell hole immediately. Chile. And rave Messi had that separate in a ball. Mustard. Cheese relish my favorite relishes that bright green relish yes that's doesn't look like a real pickle now it's just sort of a bright green knee I think he'd be needed in the dark it lights up does it. Onions sauerkraut Mayo. How Pena knows and a number ten as far as the hot dog toppings according to this particular survey coleslaw. Which I never had on but that's just kind of like cold some sort crowd pretty much kinda. I mean at the concept behind it I think it's put in as much as many things as gospel and it has to be a bun with a little black exceeds. Now it does some. What I those little black seat I can think of poppy C not BCT I thought it needs to be poppy seed bun. And then you need to put everything you can and without onions on their grilled onions. I think so yes number six again the goal is to cover up the hot dog as much as possible. The epidemics is Tina others. There's another survey out about some of the other hot dog toppings and what do you think of these these this is from thrill list. Apparently that other one wasn't the definitive study now. I don't know if this one is where you can later inner email yeah it's definitive study lettuce and tomato celery salt yes. So NATO's. Like French Fries and a typical French Fries and then ranch dressing thousand island dressing Surat shut peanut butter. All of this pilot all on him telling him she walked a mauling. Fruit relished which I don't know what that is I don't either pineapples or some. Now high star fruit and pineapple. Creams and fried egg. Catch up Mac and cheese ready Friday again. Technology bridges if they're just so let's look at someone's groceries listen I was writing and I'm peppers onions cheese Chile mustered a bait and. And sauerkraut. According to analysts sauerkraut number one. And I that they ketchup is on the kitchen at all catch up it should not be. Apparently illegal. Aren't there you have it on and I don't gas station with me get a hot. I've never really had a role in what is. Looked at them the one that they just remodeled down the street they got to release them. It just so open. When he mean like you're afraid someone's it's just like hampering more than I don't know the Bible it was like the height of my boys and they were getting close to them like don't touch to release their hot. Who seemed it seemed a little too accessible in the enemy. 84. But I don't like to think about stuff like that it could forward it in the nights ago. Out to eat more I could get greeted things in your brain. 840. Believe me 1055 or six anyway is sitting right while sitting here with you for twenty years almost. Every morning for four freaking hours. We think you haven't already damaged me. The feeling is mutual.