Dishwashing Causes Dilemmas, Divorce?

Monday, April 9th

Jonathan & Kitty sound off on a a new study that says dishwashing is the chore most likely to cause conflict between couples. Bonus: a hilarious Kitty confession.

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And there's a new study does council of contemporary families. That shows. That dish washing is the chore most likely to ruin your relationship. Relay yes according to this study. This is. From a tiger announced on organization. Researches modern family dynamics in America. And have found that by 2006. Women reported dish washing was the biggest relationships Strasser. Of any shore. And doing the dishes with a partner was more satisfying for women and sharing any other household tasks. Tasks so I want she dry honey. And then there's like a friendly little flipped the towel or so I guess solo side I'm on the book we believe it's funny aches and never really had at. Dishwasher with my boyfriend Mike we've been the other one time we got another quite awhile I never. Had an argument about it and nor have we and our house and ask kind of I mean we have a dishwasher I think if there wasn't a dishwasher had started a pileup. Ellen may that he may only be stressful. Mean I'm trying to think in our house will do do you always do the dishes are kind of change up my usually do run. Really I will. All those years skinny Yemen trying to get we're going to Seattle unlucky on your during the dishes let me see our ambassador to finish PM I ask you let disk and hand but I don't really care. But I was just thinking back to us. Some other situations and I think the roommate situations I think yeah sloshing is much more likely. Total Margaret problem I do remember one in my boyfriend's back in the day live with five other guys oh lord and they would just never washed dishes they just pilot in pilot. And one day he got so fed up I would help and sometimes do the dishes but he gets so fed up. He just got a big box and through everybody's dishes away I this his third leg. So Larry do you know where dishes there out of fear could even notice that I I don't you know I don't know let's go to what that I'll follow that was but I also remember. Day dishes need to be done in my house when I was. Don't know maybe ten or twelve and my eye there's two years younger than me and I came up with this really great plan that we should phi eight. And whoever gave me and first would have to do the dishes. So we're likely fights dirty does wind. Willie I don't know we recline any southern ended up on the front porch. And we are fighting. And then finally I was like. You heard me. And then I said I'm too hurt to do the dishes now USG arm well the odds are he won the fight and songs the war and still ended up you going to do the dishes which. That's what happens when you're older see. I guess that's a good one if Mike is listening they could possibly yeah yeah I thought you were just you have to fight him in your mama's is going to be like I'll do on. Now look she wasn't an I don't believe there was until you get around when this was going and I don't. Then it was like all of our I was in the dining or the limit your man I mean ended up on the from the luckily for all the neighbors to see that it wasn't even a real fight like it was a planned fight but we're just like RA or enough I don't wanna do the dishes can't you don't really know what I like your doing got to literally just like I let them motion just made a start beating on each other night it was it once daily migraine I tried to avert my great plan. And it all worked out in the and for me except I. I was hurts. Seriously is yes the united that is the washer arms that injury timeouts that I used to fake playing games with my friends to I was out by his way to go. We're trying to teach your kids to. Cleared the table. You know the fighting three now on the Afghan during a practice a little short for what the problem is that when they bring him into the kitchen a lot of times they just try to throw things into the sink a it asks or go to K but. Yeah minutes ago I think maybe she way to their little Lawler African stool and it. He or have them fight it out and I don't sanctioned fight like you do and vascular credible.