Do you lie to your spouse about this?

Tuesday, May 16th


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You mean I've spent many many. A day month year century in the small we're looking at each other. I mean think about it yet to work a lot of times you give your bass in Arianna give your best effort and everything many come home and then you know you kind of let it all hang out and then the adults. But. There's something going on apparently at work. That people don't tell their significant other then Cornelius study half of the people. Don't tell their significant other this particular thing. Is it that there having lunches with co workers in the lunches are getting romantic or. Is it that they're passing around emails with inappropriate jokes and act that what is nation 1990 right. It still happens. There was I forgot who in the city Chicago guy just to get the parks department selling I got fired for it for sending notes around right NLU did you forget that Alpert here's what this. Half of the people don't tell their significant other. About all the junk food they eat at war and in need to know basis drew. I mean and you know thing about it when I'll listen here especially those like a little email that goes out doughnuts in the break room. Dependency and you can bet it's a mad dash for those doughnuts. Or perhaps one of the things that can be and I love most. Expired food is now out of the vending machine you inherit her hand and said he had a kitchen table. The trump that expired accolade is this sort of expired. So you know or what about when it's someone's birthday at that at this hour cake in the break room. So apparently people I don't I didn't think I mean did they actually liar they do it's just a lie of omission. According to a survey 47% of people say they keep it secret. They they make a point of small why would you go home and say Justin Wyatt. Wade brought cookies today and I had a cookie didn't they bring her back. I mean why eyelid if daddy can come up is keeping his secret radar is really nobody cares. I mean I mean Mike doesn't care if I am a kooky at work he might like raise the night rally against the eleventh could you had today hey that's what I'm talking about it but. That's where no telling eyebrow raise things to talk about a million watt. But let's say you had particularly decadent. Daily antioxidant. You know but when a king cake comes again. Had the new everyday you're what I eat the whole king K I can find the baby and he came K anonymous like if you can provide cookbook. Well our free yet food that comes in here you know I mean maybe it also if you're you're doing your significant other are trying maybe to eat healthy or something. Many guest worker come up to. That's gonna say races and I'm. This say any of it. I think and that survey about making sure they eat fast food in the car and throw in the rapper in a public garbage instead of throwing it in your home garbage so nobody notices that say anything about that I'm asking for a friend invesco.