Drunk As A Possum

Monday, December 4th

A possum breaks into a liquor store. Jonathan & Kitty share details of this important story.

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The battery and aging and a guy sorry for you out so we merely I don't know off. What's going on in Washington this is from Florida. Some. It was treated at a Florio wildlife center. Probably in its deep topic section know what Brung music. Who's a drunk possum yeah. The Qassam broken hill liquor store and god and was drinking from a miniature bottle of liquor. A local police officer broad DL little guy and this lie and slurred pass them snuck it's way bill liquor store and nobody affirmed. Some holiday cheer and it's shown the door I was there radio print. Michelle pettis of Fort Walton Beach. Police found the past and are responding to a call from the liquor store's owner and found it to be disoriented excessively salivating and slightly pale. It was not a robust content. Father Raphael you make a lot of its customers grabbed the animal fluids to flush out any toxin is indeed a potential alcohol poisoning it was a tiny little bottle. Was like it's let out vigorously. The class a return to its normal activity after a few days and then was released back into the wild and when the pass them. Was passed dowdy in the detox section of the wildlife center they were really sure if it was passed outer just. Putting. Us. You at 730. So many reasons until the start looking and plus blossoms are we here.