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Monday, October 2nd

Jonathan & Kitty chat with actors Blake William Price and Erin McIntyre about the broadway smash "A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder. The Tony award winning musical runs October 3rd-8th at Overture Hall.


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It's Jonathan in KD 01055. Triple lamb and a pretty awesome the musical is opening up an overture center of the gentleman's guide to love and murder. And somehow by accident two of the stars of the show ended up on our program. And religion are out there and how will take it Blake William price do we do all three well it usually just. You know we'll get a good to there. Okay. And Aaron MacIntyre she we just say -- entire communities and I'm not good okay great there are two stars of the show and first of all this this is a big deal they have it one a several awards red and that's musical episode of my kid and I'm like all right all right we're. Sports sports on slop yeah and it's now I obviously haven't seen yet but is it. Lincoln won here as I look at a picture and it said doors slamming stud. Price I performs her colleague McLaughlin and Aaron McEntire was delightfully death about them so that didn't mean we think of noises off. The yeah physical noise elsewhere like there's a lot of things happening at once and a lot of comedy is it like that at all. It's very much musical farmers in that in that same vein where it is there is. That is literally the most farcical over the top doors slamming moment is. Decided to marry you in the second and that's the one that people rumor from the Tony Awards performance. And yeah it's a little while to be doing it after that was my first introduction to show did you feel like it's like a stylus. I. This guy. I mean you know you do feel like Panama. Yes I do it's it's a fun. Physical. Action there and I do a lot of leaning and it is it's a lot of hard work I'm usually sweating refused well. It's outside and that its management. We're talking new blatant price and Aaron McEntire from gentlemen can register gentleman's guide is that the sharper that's our Tom. Okay so while trolling on the Internet kitty and I found this quote by you and we and we didn't understand it like it's. You're describing it in your like it's nothing like anything that's done in contemporary form. It was done in 2014 but listening to the music you have no idea that's what makes it so genius bell and we lesson about like six times what does that mean. You know oyster it's. Well and yeah it's a very old fashioned feeling bites we contemporary. And we glad it anyway yeah because I didn't do about that talent. I don't know it's it's the music and the story itself or vary. Very much in a Vaughn billion. Like early nineteen hundreds air it very much and it's in nineteen months. There and it has that like operatic feel to it but it also has a lot of contemporary jokes. And art and yet. You know it's it's just catalog I. Things that contemporary audiences can laugh and enjoy yes it's not like reading a book that came out in 1907 who were that's what they've done a I didn't make a netbook and it and actually if you do read that book it's it's it doesn't have the same tones. Because it is obviously it has a lot most of vocabulary is very much. At ward in and it kind of goes about your had but. At least it does ring. Yeah I'm right with it but but it does have they actually pulled Robert. Robert L Freeman who won the Tony for best book on this. He actually pulled a lot of the dialogue from that book and placed it into the musical so interest. Don't all right so we're talking enough Blake Christ and Aaron McEntire today now Erin. Hmmm I can tell by your accent you're from it's still in Wisconsin yeah. Yeah probably Q I am very confident I'm actually. And I come closer than Michael it's at yet another accident on the end so getting in the theater in Australia it's as big knives and there's no even in Austria. Exactly yeah I know it's yeah. Think they've moved outside and right were you with Peter Kiernan might come in the. I'm a basic CIA you know I was really feeling uniting us on scene I was teaching and was horrible. It's horrible and horrible things and and then I boost the lead in my high school music phone. And which is Lorena behind not and I was horrible at that as a whole I mean seemed completely runs on me because I actually want to be a rock singer let's hear. Really I haven't quite as we gave them and we have. Band I I didn't well actually I did single and licensing metallic give it classical style. That's how my idol and I'm very thick. And show that you're in Oklahoma OK and it all kind of happened from now IE and it's not getting offers training and fortunately just out of looking each race from the agent when he line. Well that's as it now not to ruin your marriage but I just wanna shack. Where you increase in June. Where you OK good because I was trolling your Twitter I'm. I'm glad that I cite your husband had a picture and it was like when you meet a beautiful girl and meek you know. I'm like it kind of looks like her totally positive. So that was unit lions okay good on traveled. Yeah I alleges that we are. So I backed Chip Beck you've led for just a minute we're talking to blatant error anywhere in gentleman's guide to loving murder over it overture hall. It says if you've done several Texas Shakespeare festival's I didn't know they had gotten. Paid. Do they do I did Texas shakes last Summer Olympics yeah. I have a nice tag that little yeah but myself spine and it has outpacing what happened. But it yeah I did. I've always been saloons drawn towards Shakespeare and you know so obviously this kind of running into a gentleman's guide is. It also has that kind of Shakespearean quality to it it's very presentation on Sperry. Breaking the fourth wall Shakespeare always did and I actually just this summer got done doing. You talk Shakespeare festival so. I like the Shakespeare he likes the Shakespeare is always say do you often just breaking die and that depends amateur when you're talking well. If they argued that we all do. It does happen and it's how we speak but now I mean carried on and I'll be on stage and I will when we're attacking for example. And there I'm on this one of those guys who has just. I'm thinking back I am that geeky. Aware of something else they'll be checking something else on stage but I'm onstage. As quote unquote narrator kind of the show. And so I'll kind of in my kind of to myself I'll do like Richard the third. Monologue in Spanish speaking to them. Up to the balcony just in case anyone's watching. Yeah here given little mark and below monologue. That's why you're you know it's weird Jonathan does that citadel now. It's public price and Aaron McEntire thank you so much better show is gentleman's guide to love and murder it's awesome. CNN overture hall and last quick question for you but just to see how. I. How close are tier college you went to Western Michigan University that indeed what's your mask. Damascus the Broncos go Broncos never what's his name. Buster brown okay. There are ahead at the back thank you so much for coming in we appreciated that cutbacks saying.