Great Taste 2018

Monday, August 13th

Kitty and her boyfriend Mike just attended their 20th Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival here in Madison. She tells Jonathan that she does have some regrets.

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And am I talking too loud kitty I have to say when you're doing pretty good today. I usually the Monday after it's a little tricky for one hold data recover in the middle. A great taste of the midwest beer fast one of the biggest and best beer fest in all of the world name happened at owlen park on Saturday and Mike and I just figured out that it was a twentieth here and around while that we made it there so now I know that when you go. You've told me before that the teacher you're gonna Wear and now is is key because you wanted to be clever. Subtle. And our maybe that subtle but it should be it probably beer related some years I went with just like a plain shirt that had nothing. Because I didn't necessarily want a pledge my allegiance to any specific beer right how many Beers or is there like 17100 or some may well. There's a lot of worries it's least it was a nice cool day. Hooked up on we got it spot under a tree what was the featured situation. While I'm just why Wallin from old Chicago minutes said something about all the different kinds of Beers and it had all the different styles like kind. And the glass and the appropriate class and I such to their people wearing the same shelf bell which was a little but I knew both of them but that's like wearing a dress too well formal event I announce dialogue a little sorry to disappoint myself. Back up T shirt your purse. You know that would have been agreed that the for next year's changed but changing in the Porta potty uses a little. When it's scary how little scary. Now I I've it's been done. Quiet so you know I was a little sad and disappointed that pressure. Wasn't really making an impact. Nobody really. Mean a couple people may be said it builds kind of anathema to appear I think it's fun because there's so many varieties in the names their fate. Yeah there's a lot of that we're like hipster related. And I heard some people say that your canisters or drink in the craft beer right. One was called hipster repellent so I thought that was an iPad name I did too but I thought that was a little counterproductive because don't we want thing at. It sisters to be drinking our fear but maybe it's so hip. You've become the ultimate hipster that you don't like hipster. Now I mean. One that I that was good from misty devil went down to Kyrie it's pretty funny area Indiana. I kind of like that there were some that Iraq and roll or music oriented. That I found which when one of them was act Katie scary ninety I try that. And trying to find the other ones I'm looking through the giant book it is like not it is like a manual. Yes it is okay from biker phone brewery in Elk Grove village Illinois today. There's a Stevie Ray Vaughn and I PA life by the drop but that's kind of like. That one if you know what the song is about that's a little bit. Ironic today. There's Katie cherry was from that I have also liked. And tried this one imperial smells like beaten spear. That to pretty much I thought was pretty funny about yet lots of good name about. From Steven's point and really have that there they have some siders are not suit when I was seeing. Kid growing up drinking point Peter read. They just had to point. You know point special beer which are called the blue bullet and then they had box during the spring to you know so they did have two varieties but now they have all these. Siders and I mean whole pod pumped and I mean it doesn't sound that interesting there they need help they need to hire me as a consultant. I mean believe already taste tested out one you need a little bit more to come up with an inspiration for the name. You know they should have done at the points and as they should have been blasting the jingle. Back from when I was a kid the point rejecting an all out T here. Up to my joint special being pulling special beer brewed to perfection and it tastes so good satisfies completely like the addition. That's enough that's pretty impressive 750. And ruled true equality now there might play point spends too.