Hanging With Bucky, and Finding....

Monday, June 25th

Jonathan & Kitty went searching for Bucky On Parade statues, and found more than they were bargaining for.

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What a joyful time we have on Friday Katie was and yet he's been nagging me for like the last two weeks we need to go see the Bucky statute. I'll go see him on your own time. Now we need to go take some pictures of them. Guess so so we super cool we piled into the trip lamb. Newsman. Who bad news and doesn't really get much you say no it doesn't and we tried our photographer with little Robbie jars and who. We have a staff photographer here we just over the use him much so he just always waits in his little cube. Mean anything today mistresses and home about he only has done so finally we said here's your chance Robbie so we went out and took some pictures that if you the buck keys. Pretty fun. There are a couple interesting things that happened one obviously we're not the only people to do this people are excited yeah Perez and others families that we are following a were filed they were following us okay. I don't know maybe we are following them but we'd like to show up in about you take a picture and they were just leaving the agents got there. And kiddie. Being you know. Until Tonya I was an honor student all provincial time about how Smart she is my attention to dean Taylor is like right up there as she tried to get into their minivan. Let me and and she's trying to climb into the child car seat. The moment like a run iron. Trying to put the child car seat buckles on her if she thinks there had better snacks and they did have its next. Thank you for some of those goldfish. And we did we did go around there are a lot of beautiful Bucky I don't ever will we shared. A couple of pictures on the Jonathan and kitty page or Jonathan in kennel whenever you share I'd you'd you'd Aaron I shared them. And get to more as I get to it it was kind of funny and we don't have a picture of me getting into the wrong car there was another there was like a book. Before we get to the liberty cited a moment of our brush with greatness I was a little surprised at how calm you were. For all of the illegal parking we pocket god surely you and that makes me nervous as they get skinny pretty worked up. There's so we are part and on top of bike racks in. In all sorts of stuff and even from a rough fire plug that's completely not and the worst part was there was a fire half yeah come on up. But I brush with greatness the this is amazing this is big literally big. We've we stopped at the Edgewater hotel. Bucky. Which is down by a bit here and there was a wedding party that was gonna start so we got their moments before it started had a few the appetizers they would delicious. Congratulations Jeff and Kim between double wonderful life together. And thanks for the shrimp it was good. Lines while we were leaving I mean by it was we just kind of came in we were chased hers come up a run and wants happen. Then we're out there but won't we relieving the Edgewater a woman came out. In she was carrying a giant. Backpack now. This backpack. Those you may remember when Lily Tomlin used to do that skit where she be like in the giant chair whatever media fans yeah we she'd be like the little girl and I love to do you fall out they don't have found that pot exactly. That was pretty good and so another words everything would be huge a woman was walking out with that giant backpack it looked comical it looked fake it was sober and when it hits and it Jack. He didn't so. We saw shacks backpack. Shaquille O'Neal was in town right for the American family golfing thing in Iraq claim was doing and DJ gay get Farrior speedway can sell it pre Stephens field. So then we're like all right do we do we just like stick around here and stock Tilly comes out but we didn't have the patient now and then I was really on his we really should got a picture with sacks backpack. That would have been good but do you see how do you list we are that weren't telling you a story about seeing shacks backpack. It's pretty exciting and then we can get to go through it but a woman was carrying it and the backpack with the same size as that woman anything and what did you say to learn. I said well we shacks backpack and she said yup. And every now and now. Pretty fat and that is a great story to a missionary to tell a cocktail party he refused to come play and we can tell that 1 on Monday morning accurately. Beaten the ship backpack story goes on I think it deep again.