The Hole Truth

Wednesday, January 31st

Jonathan & Kitty and Triple M listeners weigh in on an important question: does a straw have one hole or 2?

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And Donna Orlando sent us our producer through this in my direction and it's a stupid. Don't know why who is why we need this even be an argument. The Internet is deeply divided on whether us strive has won a hole or two. Obviously it has true. It has won a hole it goes all the way through way to leave you asking annoying or owe it to one all actually give you dig a hole. To China. Is it one well is it one hole in China and one hole here now it's one hole to China are. So when you enter a tunnel. It's one time all but what what's on each end of the tunnel beholden goalie entrance and exit which is the whole. To get in there is this are you just seriously messing with me right now I chill. Out and here's what the story is obviously why and how. To be retiring about the state of the union now let's do this tomorrow. It's so refreshing to see people arguing about something so sweet and innocent on social media quitting this story really takes me back to the good old days of 2015. On our. A woman named Mitt Jess marsh he sealed Burbank California posted a question on Twitter over the weekend. We had a revealing discussion about the sieve lounge but I want to hear from you does a whole have. Does a scribe one polar tilt. And so there's a raging debate going out. Her the argument for one hole. Is McKinney is saying. Is would you say donut has two holes. Straws just a long plastic doughnut. Exactly. The argument for two holes. Is the straws a small man made tunnel which is kind of what I was just sank there's a whole tech and. Or woman I don't know and senate as well. Do you agree with that we'll do dig a tunnel as he insisted. What. An entrance and exit which our own and one big hole. There which she traveled. I think it's pretty obvious her. Apparently I'm in the minority. Three quarters of people say straws to step one hole but in my head I would say they have to. Now people are calling how in your head you wouldn't say you have two holes in your head hello Joseph calamity Carney about stars. Of course trying to won't hold my not a struck the yes guys it. So good definition terrorists are sure how old player sort of solid body. So dress from sandy. Hollow area are not an open and where her whole do you know she needs. So go online there are probably our whole. Sosa singles. Honey I thought -- go pitch and oh yeah I guess. MMI pinched in you feel like you're dealing with one now a high desire. I'm all right then we should be using straws anyway they're burning in the environment and I did that I think they you go to jail refused plastics resin California or something where if someone gives you a straw. They didn't ask for. It's just there's a panel everybody goes to prison. Yes it's moments plastic straws are banned in Seattle. I think that's fine I'm really not that in this newly thing I like about I don't really like straws I never enjoyed size that much except for the shooting of the paper. That's the best part Hawaii trip. Lamb you also calling to tell me that I'm wrong nor Mexico literally hearing oh cool thanks bring it yes there. I'm so yet recouping. And you can plug each and individually. So we're good tool. Yeah. Yeah I was very ready to fold I agree I was ready to twist like a little like available to head off jobs he went about what Dina sand. It's one hole but you can plug. With two entrances like the other person said the definition of a hole is to space in between not that entrances thereof. I really forgot that other collar I'm going with dean thanks dean. I'd invisible decided random. Holler number three hello who's this this branch brands what do you say. Your ball wrong I'm like as. Far I ask okay go ahead. Don't know but nothing has incorporated no solid body has been how loaded. So there's openings there that there's there's an open space there is no hole but no all had been made. OK I think I like Dan and send them back I can't thank you tired we're both losers.