Hotter Than Blue Blazers

Thursday, July 12th

You won't believe some of the crazy terms other people use to describe hot weather. Well, other people--and Kitty.

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With that hot weather coming this study I thought might interest people. A study something about hot yet. Now I can't hurt study finds that during heat waves people can't think straight. But the researchers us they had some students some who had air conditioning in there. Apartments some who did not and the ones who didn't have air conditioning. Poor on cognitive tests hey I got an idea that. I bet if it's freaking cold in your place to you probably struggle until the ink well I think if he can't sleep I don't think I mean I remember living. And it was the biggest heat wave ever measured in the hundreds for many days and around ranked I know air conditioning and by the time it was cool enough down enough from me to sleep I do get up and go to work. So this horrible service finally goes out to 68 degrees out damn it. Right time to get up and go be on the radio ranked. So those are your best days on the radio they are great probably cannot I was then so here is journalists he'd so what is it do the Harvard study says that you. You can't think okay lose your mind. So. There's that but then I thought on the lighter side of the heat wave that we may be getting. You know lack of heat wave why Janet and I ones heat of the moment it doesn't even work it's not even about heat. I add another different kind of heat via let's have a timer talk in a the folks and mental floss dot com got piled some colorful expressions for taught them how hot it is. I get so hot these they're going to be staring at what here's one they apparently we say this in Wisconsin and some other places. Hotter than Dutch love. A. In fact I have to say. And I would think Dutch love would be down ha to be honest. Because if you think about it when you say go Dutch you know you're just singing is so it doesn't seem like it would be is again and are now might be referring to the. Yeah I Aaron it's a barn burner. Hot enough to scold lizard. That sounds like something Dan rather it's a home. I'm staying here and don't say it that's for heat I thought that just meant anything is lake. Exemplary area. Hotter than a stolen tamale. This one I wonder if this is one from Minnesota doesn't say where it's popular hot enough to skull a loon. Yet that's canopy. Greg doesn't that goes right back to the fact that we lose our mind when it's time to do it and then this is one that they say they say in Alabama but. My mom says this all the time hotter than blue blazes you say that I did looks I got up from my mom what does that even mean. It's like hot and in howling cats apparently palace hop has blue blazes and it took. Now blazer I'm not going to blue blazer in the middle that's a and then the last what they have on this list from my mental floss dot com. Is. An expression that you only hear in a field with talks. Good faith you can hear this expression and they feel Wisconsin apparently wary it's so high in paid for okay all the time the way at the tip top of the states. It's a torture. Religious it's a tortured lives and Alex Bentley to sport a. Elect pour all it's a torture says that while I know I'm never meant that they feel may mean a trip I know is it's going to be hot and blue blazes that stuff yeah.