I Love Moo!

Friday, August 31st

We can't believe this story isn't from Wisconsin. Jonathan & KItty think this marriage proposal is udderly ridiculous.

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But now I have a romantic story to finish off our Friday night and you'd think this romantic story would come from Wisconsin. But it doesn't it comes to us. From Scotland. I devoted farmer. Proposed to his girlfriend. Stoking apple in OK and then start. A devoted farmer proposed to his girlfriend I writing. Will you marry me. On the side. Of a kind of excuse me. Chris gospel pop the question what can I live to Frazier. By using a livestock marker on her on her favorite house apparently. Her favorite cow is curly top. This happen in Aberdeen tighter in Scotland. Then mr. gospel got down on one knee. After the girlfriend read the message. Chris told the BBC Scotland. Now when they picked a wedding and you they'll have to check the animal policy to see if curly topped. No we will also be included in the sicker and he. Carolina I mean there had not wears the ring it's in one of his stomach is simple the was still licking their Chicago it would be one of her stomach what ours don't let us. She did say yes so that power them though the tacit moon. At least know that they have one of those little. Pull things on the town I don't ask. Me you. Anyway. Very happy life together that's intense it's. Yeah utterly fantastic great but it. I had to do it I was trying to not to edit their people aren't Leno had five true isn't moving story does not mess 10 fine fine triple Al.