This Idea Will Never Fly

Monday, February 26th

A Japanese airline is offering you the flight experience—without the annoyance of having to go somewhere. Jonathan & Kitty think the company needs to up their game.

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Flying by air. Going to place the place is a pain in the but there's been many songs written about it of course. And we'll do. What are my favorites. Brazil's finance. No one through security that's always fun. Seoul alone okay anyway the reason we're talking about this is. Listen there's smokes. There's a new airline out there that lets you get the full flying experience in it's only 56 dollars while that's super cheap. Here's the catch. You never take off what is it. This is in Japan. For 56 dollars you get to sit in a seat. For several hours plus a whole gang he airplane food in weary VR. Had sat that simulates taking off and landing. Well general to a reality ask yes so not really sure. Why this is happening. But the phone term it says for me it's difficult to have a trip because of the cost like time and money. If I can easily access the airport and take a flight even though it's a virtual thought that would be cool. I had. I know people actually been paying in doing sides in the New York Post and so I don't know if I mean. How mean he really wanted to meet the real experience it has to be more than just sitting in the seat craft will cost you got to pay a lot for parking right. When he gets there you have tag Goldie are gay. And then right before your flight takes off realize they've changed the gates and are trying to summarize exactly you did paid fourteen dollars for a banana. Opened its that you could have. And a tough tough tough when you when you go through security have to have that scramble and take off your belt though I don't have to take it off I do I don't wait what I told my computer okay. Gonna do that at and then once you get on the plane. Then you need get a little kid kicking the back tier seats for the entire time I wonder if that would do you. An RNM may be another kid in another I'll have a dirty diaper. That nobody changes like would that be like there's different levels are up look at what I like do you want OK I want to chatty person next to me. And oh is this your first flight yeah. I don't know how bad someone talk to you or maybe have the person opening up like dumped the food they bring on board now you need daft. Plus the kids kicking you why how would you do this I don't now. For that the thrill of and the fact that you have to be a mayor for so long that I they're delays right. They should make you sorry we are and where am I imagining that we idea icing the win gives it. Sentiment indeed we're going to keep you here for another two hours you're not allowed to leave exactly.