J & K's Drunk Dining Guide

Friday, June 15th

A recent survey found Taco Bell is America's favorite place to eat after a night of partying, and that brought back some memories of late night dining on State Street back in the day. Plus a strange confession from Kitty!

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So why don't you and not like probably been out at toolbar time at. Any time recently stuttering to say Al first and I was gonna be like well maybe a couple can duplicate but it. Why do you ask pulled a new survey. That defines what people Lonnie eat most. When their dining while drunk. Oh drug dining yeah and 41% of Americans. Say their favorite spy is. Tiger about. And we've got McDonald's Waffle House Denny's and I hop now I hop by guest Aaron in Stevens Point to two good places. Well there was the parties that stayed open late and the country kitchen was good and really crazy at our time and very fun. And then there was another place come to south point restaurant that was openly that people would coach use of those are some of the ones that I coached you when I was home. And edit any kind of that it expects what you want have your dining experience I think because Taco Bell. You getting you get out you get the food fast some of these other places you talk about it much more of an experience it was continuing the social nature of the evening for act which. I always kind of have to admit I felt bad for the people who had a bogey yet you because everybody was crazy drunken stupor an ankle injury and spilling assault all over the place rat loosening up the caps read I read I did everything that we think we're so clever right so that I I apologize to all the servers that had to deal with me back in the day. Because I'm sorry right I mean I was young and foolish and steepening right right and at what day it was in Madison and partying which it once and awhile back in the day and stayed Ali. And those of you who have lived in Madison for a while on have done some State Street partying. You're trying to say good place that you go part time a lot of people which Iraqis. That the big thing to get a slice and especially if you're from out of town because. It was very exotic to be able to fire one slice of pizza I library. Rectangle box I agree but then there was the other big question in this divided the town I think it divided than Madison party here because. Did you go to absorb us. Worry heroes started to go across the street to parts and hearth and why I was pretty much Parthenon person and lets Parthenon seem too crowded that I Michael does or does and it and it and I gotta you gotta stay with that. Walls or roses on now right. But no you Parthenon was I don't even if it was crowded I was the part than I was Parthenon and the guy who I mean he was big green guy they're kind of reminded me of the Saturn and gotten up to go to C a little it. But absorb as I remember being there with an old boyfriend and his sister. And I has hammered. And and I've for some reason I remember losing contact lens in the absorb as bath term. Is this gonna be like your story of the beer in the so you lost the context so that that was the end of it. Now I found there was a happy ending I found it and I rinsed off and put a benchmark pocket. And luckily to this day I can still see I'm not sure why now when you rinse that off. Diaz Steve giving your mouth no white I was in a bathroom side water available I'm not saying I never did that. Buy a house say I didn't at that time but as far as I remember. And probably the great thing with you probably put it in the I'd better be ever contacted. You. It seems to me we do know where you've czar does or apartment and people. Rim of debt nobody would absorb us. Sort of went there now. People there wasn't an empty place it was those who who were those people I don't know but it worked. It was opera with the you're going at like four in the afternoon. When he you know. Notice I'm not arguing who who think they can pick it. Anyway. Memories. Sweet this is our bottom Parthenon collar. It definitely tired but I'm neck and just at the PSA fire on behalf of all leaks. Optometrists ophthalmologist does not sure contact outwit here you can O'Brien this. But it was hard contact lens and so durable and now completely you know it can expect Cherie. Are put a little she got a little soft sounds good and I got it's he could suggest that there's those good thanks for Colin Tino.