Jonathan & Kitty's Apology Tour

Friday, March 23rd

That dude from Facebook is on an apology tour right now, so Jonathan & Kitty decided to embark on one of their own. They're really sorry.

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And Jonathan can we are on the pulse of what's happening in the world when she yellow means. And we are and I was noticing you know the other day that Mark Zuckerberg of FaceBook. Is going on his apology tour to say sorry for. All lit. Mistakes served for the data breaches in the Cambridge analytic and things so he's. He's saying sorry and they're looking into it so I thought it's an apology tour yet it is an apology tour and I fellow Jonathan you and I have been here. For what is it now I'm nineteen years doing this show yeah. We've never once gone on an apology tour I think it. You know where do so we need to apologize so first of all. 210 I would just apologizing to each other for things no we're apologizing to the people spoke to the puzzle book who have been putting up with us for all this time then I will not apologize for what you've been accusing me of me secretly going into a computer and erasing some of your file some pop pop pop up. But that is not me and I will not apologize for that so that's how we're doing more actually this is sincere Jonathan this is not a joke. Okay this really are in seared Jonathan and kitty apology tour. OK we apologize to everyone. Who we have baffled. By being smarter than men and with smarter than a DJ at 7:10 every morning. You can apologize for that I Jerry you are listening you know I'm very sorry okay I'm sorry to sorry sorry that we've now got twelve in a row cracked at one point we got 49 in our current sorry for that and story. Our attitude will be out on that we'll work on that a little bit. Maybe they just need to there edits Arkansas house state with the size I have to apologize for. Immediately for getting your name when you calling for a contest. And I put you on hold and then thirty seconds later I say is this Derek. And the person says no my name is abbey like left if I'm not even close I don't even get the right gender. Also your apologizing for that yes I still putt RA and both of us need to apologize to this one I think what's that and that's for. Playing that one song you really hates.