Is Kitty A Real Pioneer Woman?

Wednesday, June 13th

Kitty has been offered a chance to be a charter subscriber to Pioneer Woman magazine. She's pretty excited about some of the likely articles. Not all of them deal with outhouses.

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You know one of my hobbies done and that's annoying mean now okay. Yesterday were talking about hobbies and ready you don't have any. Leading magazines and reading them. Like I get way too many because the offers right online you're actually in the mail in the mail. Because you know they're hurting so a lot of them are really cheaply well that's the thing you can get two years of taste of home. For eight dollars yeah ten men stuck and I never. Like do the recipes that are in there I might look at coming I don't that's too hard well and the other packet like like a woman's game and making it still exists good house keep bang well and then I feel like any other brand milk. Like and it. I think KK Food Network magazine that on was a cheap deal came over both CN a lot of. My the same like I I get as squire magazine right and someone gave me. A free men's health for a couple issues and then they're like they're dead man's health were like you said eight dollars for like six years. But then did they branch off throughout the second men's health men's fitness men's wellbeing and what I just say. No right begins Jill the same article over and over it and while I just got another planet not I don't know if I should subscribe to it or not it's a charter offer. Jonathan a charter offer. I remember what Entertainment Weekly came out there's a charter opera's opening night here just starting it's just starting which I don't understand why it's someone's starting. A new magazine in this day and age but they act well let's so has so I can and Thatcher it's a charter offer me one of the first people to get this magazine what's the magazine. It's called the the pioneer woman. Pioneer woman magazine. Today I don't know it's I don't really know. My day they thought this would be one maybe just I'm a sucker for a lot of make yeah could be because I really am not much of pioneer I don't really like known. Roughing it no I don't even really really likely going for a walk in the woods because a little too much like get bored of trees. Think it is very they'll look at besides trees then knowing how well so did they have sent how to soak in the magazine that there are there were some sample articles okay. They mean it's just coming out but there are some articles that were somewhat intrigued intriguing really. And I don't like clock in the what's to think if we retreat so I'm anyway for example. One article on that I am looking forward to it I subscribe. In the new pioneer woman magazine. Is it cholera or is it isn't scary. Tell. How to make your outhouse more welcoming oh yeah. This article looks good this butter churn will change your life. And then there's another article which is. This magazine or Sherman you'd she news.