Kitty's Major Victory

Wednesday, July 25th

Kitty is not a fan of parallel parking, especially when it's on the left, and in traffic. Hear her harrowing tale of finding the perfect spot in downtown Madison--and the other driver who was either her guardian angel, or the devil in disguise.

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So Jonathan and you pride yourself on your parallel parking skills down es yes you're like the best piece of it ever. Grudges zip right in no you don't think about it it just happened the smaller right bases the more the bigger challenge. Why am completely opposite from you and last night little bit of a challenge and went to the overture center amber waitress. The musical right opening night of that fantastic hilarious musical but somehow. My friend Karen and I would Rico were always running slightly late so it's like. Without I don't yeah we got to find a parking space west's watch is all torn up one whole section of Mifflin that we usually. Try to find those street parking spot on his clothes. So it's like oh now. So we're on the street on a street kind of near the library on the side of elaborate on what that street as it goes across State Street and yeah out. And I we see it's a one way street and cans like all of those people are leaving so violate. Crossover to decide to get it and I hate parallel parking I made it but they're huge spot so while. I'm nervous about it I don't like it and hear the things I electric parallel parking one. Two and only parallel parking on the laughed. At all that's even worse that's not what I'm used you okay the wreath. I don't like parallel parking when there's traffic around. Freaking me out that they are gonna have basically write a park and as I feel O who's laughs that's basically it and there have been many times where. Where my boyfriend Mike I walked me through it RE turn all the way to the right straighten it out in gives me the lessons. And their opinion we get out of a car that's square and trade because I'm freaking out a hat that's happened. That's a bit dodgy areas I run of the library and overtures it severe it's a there's a lot of traffic areas so I was like oh my god. But I've got to have the spot because I don't wanna pay eight dollars to be in the range from another lots it's in my aunt and out of the ramp I'm also you know act. So I hear you over and suvs that was parked there OK so it now. Let me just jump in and say that and assumed he was in the space so it's got to be a pretty big space if that SUV fit in the correct but that does not drive and what it is still not big enough to just to ride into it. Like if they're two spaces to gather in just driving and not parallel park parallel parking is required in this instead okay. I so I get over there at other vehicle leaves and I you know commenced my parallel parking which is so scary. And then I noticed that there is a Jeep like just waiting behind me just sitting there waiting. And it's making me nervous. But I aides say I am it was like the victory of all victories there and I took me like not one tried to. Get it straightened and like maybe four inches from the curb perfectly straight. And this Jeep was the deal why there was no what was that it was not a parking meet. Best and I don't know I don't know that this guy there's a fire hydrant right now and I have a question for you because. This jeeps stay there the whole time until I got into the space and so my question is was that vehicle there. Just to block other traffic now coming by and making me nervous no ordered the driver that Jeep think I was gonna bail because I was a female and I freaked out and just give up. I'm gonna go with the latter there's no way that she was protecting you could smell your feet yeah. So then one stupid then did you do not to know him then he went by and yelled something but I didn't hear what he sat. And I I'm assuming he said you're welcome. Because he was latching the other trap and now. Yeah that's awesome. Let's get to locating wherever both leaving him there. I'm gonna hover behind the chairman and never had a person hovering behind him and I am never either and I knew they were blocking but. But I think so they don't smell any luck I want and we're given up I like. Other spot a eight dollars. But I've felt I'll tell you said the death feeling of victory graders and it was awesome. Let's do some practicing in the parking last year high after the show I did finally I have parallel park in my drivers test. I did fine with that but it wasn't on the left and it wasn't my graphic around. And we'll late for a show I'm pretty impressed right you nailed it I know it was parking enforce I mean I was still like super relate. Even after the play then brothels thinking about was still there she was standing and applauding not for the play but for her own Arctic. And I will let. That's my self pity that I like OK so let's we're gonna practice some more in the parking lot out by now you've you've you've taken that step you do it. I would just throw an era I doubt that it wishes crazy. It's a great man he will get to doubt no White Sox game who have been out here drive out of half inch in a week and a half I have to drive in Chicago I assume it's the air this is a good start real scared some good training.