The Leprechaun Has Spoken

Friday, February 9th

Frosted Lucky Charms is retiring one of its marshmallows, and Jonathan and Kitty aren't sure how to handle the news.

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And I have a story Jonathan that's not it's the end of an air raids and it's a big change a big changes coming I don't know if I'm up for this has big changes coming this spring. Something that we have known and loved. Since 2008. I know that's a long tradition. Is going away. Okay is summed it then therefore us for many people as part of their morning routine. It's going away. And no it's not done Orlando retiring from the show yet and many Leonardo da Matta yes. Actually Jonathan and an operation south I'm ready ready dad I'll pass I'm going to be very disappoint you already know bureaus. Lucky charms. Is retiring. One of its marshmallows. This spraying. One of the marshmallows that we've known and loved his is going away which marshmallow is it. Yes where's my drum roll Diana Orlando. Thank you. It's what. The yellow hour glass marshmallow but. Wedge and you know there was an hour last marshmallow. The original line up our glass marshmallow English include their original lineup extreme. Pink hearts porn stars and yellow moons. And then. Blue diamond was added but then the blue diamond went away. Rather quickly neurologist little cubes of sugar anyway get a you know what they're technical name is what. They're called Marv bits. Marv bits Margaret says oh yeah it's something we've feed to some banana farm. So far and exploited hey he's not a but I mean Harry IE going to be okay. Well. I going to be able to handle the snooze you know I'll tell you some and Josh got out got its hands on some lucky charms. I'm not that long ago real reason we have Michael one of those little box out maybe from a hotel that we had gotten yeah like what are these. And many open it up the maze like I don't like these things that cereal price is right at Florida's great hot hot yeah I'm pop up shovel a man. You try to shelter your kids from that stuff but it always they always find out Howard blasted even yeah look like an hour does look like a dog bone. My Anglican at a picture of it and. Now it does those of you who have. Listen to John Kenny Kenny in the morning for a long time why but this rubio adding until and maybe our. First or second year doing the show together perhaps the guy who was the voice of lucky charms for some reason we interviewed him. I have no idea why they've Patrick's day feature. So I don't know how we got his number he was really old by the time we. We he added when you lose lives in live dees I'm sure he's dead by now he passed away Napa on it now he's lived in New York City. In Manhattan and we called and his wife answered and we chatted with her for a while not on the air and then we interviewed him so digging into the archives. Drum roll again and the down Orlando bull's eye out for us. Here is he lucky charms died doing our concern Anderson hello I'm OK nice and Arthur Andersen. Doing a custom lucky charms commercial just for us. All of the talk from talking terms. Did you all candidates which surprises pink top young old is a new prototype that's cool the kids are comments how childish outfit called bulldozer to get away process Stuckey chops some budget this dimensions both. How are we not won and Edward our Lola ordered that's up up up up I mean that is some great journalism. I mean. And we strive to match that every day but we come up short. I would like to tell you other lucky charms marshmallows that have that the dust oh there's more that don't exist again. See you I never any love all these mar bits yeah. Easy Marlon floods and we don't do it gets a little little bits of data. The purple horseshoe. I don't remember that. The red balloon don't remember them. You know to end of the rainbow that makes sense though how they got rid of the rainbow had a rain Mal makes sense a pot of gold in the shooting star. But the one that doesn't make sense to me that they got rid of in 1986. This world the way ill. This who doesn't want us were really Whalen their bowl of cereal who I feel like whoever was picking all these things are stripping. Joseph Jill. An important swirl whale leeson's. New rainbows go by in an hour glass Miley smoking up a little bit and they were smoking at least they had some good tennis snack I guess that's. They are marvelous glory is that. I don't. 741010. Plus I had about an hour glass and share.