Let's Move To Mars

Wednesday, June 13th

Scientists say life on Mars is possible, but it would be no picnic. Jonathan & KItty contemplate a move to the Red Planet.

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And this is not sound that appealing to me down our land our producer just sent sent to my away from USA today. Could humans to live on Mars absolutely and NASA experts says. So I was looking at this that says after the building blocks of life were discovered on the red planet life on Mars and living on Mars seems to be. Less like a scene from the movie the martian and more like a reality. Now we see Mars is even better location for having past life it's just getting better and better. So you know it's the idea of area human like us we trash this planet let's move to another. Right. But it says Mara but listen to this that says Mars is more like there's more earth like any other planet in the solar system. Others natural beauty. For example a Grand Canyon now measures nearly the entire width of the US and be good tourist track that I'd be very. Part of an offense around and charge admission you know when his right big a volcano this size of Arizona. I don't want that either that doesn't bode well I don't want I don't like the big Kravis I don't like the volcano when else again here's what else he knows. But we'll talk that also sounds like OK maybe we could tame Mars but listen to some of the other things regarding Morris. We would need to Wear spacesuits all the time. That would get a knowing when it mean by the end of the day accurately to just get in my swept it. The lounging around par would be in knowing it says whether on Mars is extreme. Now this actually would be good because how we always like wherever you live people always like to think the weather's so extreme. That's Wisconsin for you yesterday it was navy now would sixty. That's Houston for you while Bradley we averaged we had a blizzard and then we had eighty degrees and has a weak everywhere I went does anybody doesn't even have to hear all the time but it happens everybody always freaks out where they live thinking the weather's extreme they always think that but here listen to this weather on Mars. I agree that this is extreme. The difference between Monday and Tuesday on Mars could be a 170. Degrees. Thought that's that's pretty different the average temperatures well below 01 so I think that's and we'd also have to get used to dust storms. I can have a problem when I go to the beach. If you like afterwards and you get sand in your shoes yeah about every 26 months that summer and Mars meaning prime dust storm season. Could you imagine the commercials we have to report. It's just sort seasons to get here whatever protection. I mean. It's comment. You have to get like elegance and a snowblower like a dust lower maybe. These storms make up a fine dust that gets caught in the atmosphere I don't think we can live on Mars it can darken that I need this sounds horrible I know I'd and that's a guy can darken daylight to twilight. In the last wrist. Several months. When it's the dust. And also this other minor part we need to build an entire infrastructure. But besides that let's work on the infrastructure here first and how that added.