Llama Love

Wednesday, April 26th

Jonathan and Kitty talk about the newest trend in weddings.

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So we could chip talk about the giant rabbit that died on United Airlines flight that's a big animal story in the news but I have some other ones that everybody else is passing by the other worrying about North Korea and talking to congress and I was you know now I really millionaire guy has to stinging strictly an animal's owner GM because that's I just feel like it. OK I can't come with so I've got three. Free to choose from. I. Mystery monkey. Rome's neighborhood. But that sounds pretty good but what else is on and a we also have. You can now rent a dressed up or Lama to attend your wedding. There's a hell hole and that really don't want even nearby the next one is what's the third now look we'll just go without hundred IRA. Yeah. And and show a coup treatments for your wedding. Inviting addressed a llama I mean you know you have the flower girls that's cute they run up and down on the island you don't know what they're gonna do. But why not help llamas. At your wedding well there is peaks their feel llamas an out act as located in Portland or again of course it is. They specialize in animal assisted therapy utilizing llamas an alpaca is put their name now expanded their services. To make a wedding more memorable. I'd bat. Plan party of looking for that special something they'll have all your guests talking for months and maybe years after word invite a lot months. Before you know pat it's nine years if you prefer. Now it's none of Israel are animals are pros when it comes to parties and special events always decorated to complements. I obamas can easily handle all ages than any size of crowd. More than just entertainment we providing unique interactive experience for your gas that most have never experienced before. And smiles. They'll last forever. How about a lomb had taken a dump. No I spit you aren't they can mean like camels are they not as I think they are gearing I think there are spenders. So I mean I don't know maybe if you want years wedding cake to have a little mama spin on it no extra charge that could do more delicious what could be more romance at. Then exchanging vows in the presence. A rented it llamas and I could see if the momma was considered a member of the family. Then I could see maybe having a Lama being part of it but if you're just renting a llama. How committed is that Lama to relieve your I know I mean it's like renting guess for your wedding. Yeah like renting a celebrity ghastly. Renting John Kenny kitty to attend a ceremony for certain price which is available at that no matter and we promise we will always split either.