May the 4th Be With You.

Friday, May 5th

Kitty's take on this national holiday.


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So there's all this stuff going on in Washington with health care round that kinda stuff and here in Madison and and ATC is gonna become a hotel the one downtown their bets processes moving along. But I think this thing that's on most people's my and a cultural iconic day. For decades now I mean maybe I think since the civil war we've been celebrating that it's true it's worth doing. Then divorced he was. Maybe it helps me read you. Medical uses for this before so forth I think they're saying may the force be with the idea today is may the fourth and so it is Star Wars day. But I. And USA today has come up with a list of things to do to celebrate Star Wars day of parties some of their interns have come up with a list I don't know. Watch the movies or watch them again while thanks let's say today that it's a great idea are made a fourth be with few days watch what it's a yeah drink blue milk. And apparently they have damp gloom milk contained in Reno whenever and I was like OK though those are find suggestions are also a lot of craft beer week. On May the force be with you celebration things going on today concern which are all good. But then I didn't think and I know job is really the second day in her bad day we ended up fairly easy day I didn't I didn't think and these Jeremiah. Five ways to celebrate. May the fourth and boy. Okay number one go swimming in a giant trash compact there and yeah. We were sticky would hopefully there's a law on giant scary snake in Nancy rescission would episode four made it may be which is really one in my book. You could also to celebrate made a fourth call your mom and yell at her for throwing out all your original Star Wars figures that's coming. Number three column that local car wash and ask if they're big enough for an ad that imperial walker. How much extra that would cost. Kind of along the same lines. I go to your favorite Burger King. I ask you may still many of those empire strikes back commemorative glass oh yeah nine knowing I never judge you might yeah. There I. Next episode good RA and and now I'm active zone one uniform when I'm room. My number five suggestion for celebrating may the fourth Nikkei Star Wars day. Blackening your favorite bar and starts singing milieu and laid the cantina band song or. Better yet isn't as words no yes. It's non whoa. It's okay. Not all of. And you know I'm OK okay. Mom's gonna want OK. Okay. Blue marble oh. Yeah what is now little. No end game how about that Betty Star Wars. And you forget all the traders them. That game Darth Vader is about black kid people masters. Beautiful it's fair do you. Wow oh. OK okay. There can. Now. And when Bill Murray made that up does he went along and so am I I I want to Barbie years later. He returned he would still be enjoyed in Q bill.