Meet The New AM Crew AT NBC15!

Wednesday, June 27th

Jonathan & Kitty chat with Tim, Meghan and Hannah, the new crew putting up with Charlie Shortino on NBC15's Morning Show.

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In contrast. I. Right it's Janet kitty kitty on 1055 triple M and once again the side door has been left open kitty. We're UNC Charlotte in I was supposed to Lockett but our friends from NBC fifteen they've managed to hire more people to work which early short Tino. And tension which is hard to believe quite honestly and one is come back for more that's the craziest soap we're reading all the new people NBC fifteen. On the morning show we're gonna start off with Tim oh Tim Elliott welcome back. Thank you good to be back right. They see a lot to work mr. maturity and in case you're wondering. If I I cannot imagine how Tim first I want to say it's nice when I Wikipedia you OK you know what happens less. Yes and MMA fighter comes up yeah. This well where if you would grow a beard. Yeah maybe get a few more tattoos and I've a few LB's on into I think he's like a 125 pounder yeah so even at a Celtic neophyte though I think how are your martial arts skills I was a wrestler in high school so that might go a long way against him I don't know I could probably grapple little bit but striking with my cat socks and it's not up to par right now. So it. Why the hell would you come back to work for Charlie. That Charlie was the main reason now I you know I'm from Janesville. Grew up in the area. I got married last summer my wife is from the west side of Madison. On and we just one you know settled down here in Madison start a family and continue to grow. Intestine and by the way they got a new buildings that ultimately is what a selling point I guess I was and it looks like over in Silicon Valley in that and then doing it's beautiful not the old one now now the old one idea definitely not really. Had the germanic effective. Ice falling off the towers still have that all okay. As Johnny. But it also had a dramatic effect of fired track correct I don't. The pilot to say it had lots of character. That's a tough act so Tim did you go to what's your school I forgot to look at your bio the guys who I don't know somebody here is super Smart. Now now you can ultimately I want to Janesville Craig high school and then went CWM four journalism in place yeah yeah actually has a journalism to IDs dad indeed yes that's that's important now we don't know of Charlie's really Mitterrand and we. Jury's still out on that you have are still trying to get concerned I. Yeah yeah he's our chief meteorologist Smart guy he you know he does he does great work in the morning so I'm happy to be back and work with them for sure jargon it's an early this morning new morning anchor at NBC fifteen and bad when you were your last time right cutie had to. Claimed famed. Were you involved in a big news story about a leak floating away there a lake floating away I don't know how slow. Oh that no I was not involved oh no actually right before I got here I know we talked and well make no reason I thought you're involved with right lake dealt and I remember that that was. Anniversary just passed I think it was like eight years ago I just ten years ago that's adjuster Wikipedia page now this year totally with a guy who took the picture about how I'm not yet. I needed that and I made champ and different. Photographer exact Jim welcome back thank you are were happy that you're here and I think you're really staying in Iraq and leave us are you that's the plan right now it's obvious that I'm sticking around OK yeah. Megan. Stuff all right all right so Megan yes so tell us tell us a little bit first of all right stand. Rice sent via the I was kiddies it's with. Like I know people that SA my producer price and answer your really ago for a future. You know on Google. And reducing state house I didn't go to menace and ominous today. And you did pretty waltzing. I use referring in my high now yeah is that is that we're I'm getting are about an hour. It's true I guess they studied seat she's number one in their class balloons or none at all. Yeah. I cannot come out of it doesn't mean your number I just means that you had a decent GPA. Yeah I can. Completely unaware. And that's a guy who's not. I did all this research for this interview is fired and I found out about it. It came time for graduation I didn't know it I saw someone with accords and check and see if maybe get something. I was looking for some blame my. You know. That's been just playing well welcome to Madison so if you. Home often were you here before he had for about a year and a half plan and I was doing the CW news at nine prior two minutes now just kind of moving into a new girl and you. Opponent for it including but times change isn't. Waking up early going to bed early but we still managed did have a little fun. With at least 38 for dinners now. Plug where you. Do we reach traveler yeah I was not invited and al-Qaeda. I was. Gary is and there was there was a girls are so well. The early morning shift prison CW totally night and it's wholly different yeah yeah some kidding I've been doing it for wa in this this secret is that there is no secret he never get over really always know how it's going to be pretty tired by it. I mean in radio we can sharpen their pajamas that's why we're not as. Tom and I noticed that you are. Already got suit up for the day so thank Randy and Allen and that's why it's so. Anyway Hana where we're glad to hear her Megan sorry regret your let's move on and on hand and now. So Hannah yeah you I don't know I don't know when you when we start with I mean Jim Thome lot of stuff off the I I was an it was a really well so to give us will be that your story. On tolerant than these things there and I brought up that I'm from Minnesota as well to get to Minnesota natives on the outnumbered though. Yeah I have you MM grad university of Minnesota. But he's he's got enough on the island Clinton Cooper and and I say yeah he's everywhere this summer easy anyways so he's not enough on me. Yeah so just tell us a little bit more if you've got I mean teams have mixed martial arts fighter and yeah and I and other. Tell your love of journalism do you have a story I mean can he starts with I was in bars and then now it doesn't I started in the news when I was only seventeen so now. And I you better not a pretty unabomber. Doesn't cut it up. I'm not gonna rent yeah I thought I started on our high school news cast SATA to the rebel reports nice. So that's where I can asserted and then it was up into at least for two years. An intern that a station up there. And then went on the U event to finish up in an opening here for about two and a half. So I'm a little bit about that. Report in high school was hit TV are hot is that on YouTube please. If it's somewhere out there. It's something out and keep that unseat. We need to find I immediately Obie and that's our team so hollow and Katie do you think they're less than they infighting but I bet it's already started aids what talents. I gonna. Now it's dead that we that the going Nicky CS not having a beer at noon Monday it's totally acceptable. Oh yeah we were taught you about an hour's headlines you invite us we're all athletic Atlanta. Guys enjoy welcome to be crazy community of Madison and NBC fifteen. Should be good fun morning show once they get rid of two. Trust were all hoping that happens but in the meantime a real institute and watch us. 430 to 7 in the morning Monday through Friday and that will be today go on for third yet but he's doing this for third reading the news. Trying to read the news is best I can and now I must say I get Charlie for us and tell him we have a little fun with his name on. I'm the actor I don't know that it has to do with his back. I highly surmised that that the.