One in a Million

Tuesday, January 17th

Jonathan & Kitty talk about the guy who almost became the unluckiest lottery winner.

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Kitty I know UN EU and my wife Sheryl. A few things in common but one of them is. That I feel like you both like to hold on to some things because it may come in handy like I know it home without my we need to. Global blog like down in our basement somewhere it'll appear like oh we need some. Lou tissue paper for. Yeah I'd shows up and I feel like that's happening here at the office to where. Like hello it's just in my yeah yeah in case we need it don't be like some kind of random thing on video and I know some people are coming we need a muffin tin I don't know something we wouldn't you like hello I'm. Mean come back like seconds later. And it's not organized. Well but somehow you know where it is and she does the same thing. You got him where it all is kinda. Generally yeah Lincoln but I don't think it's under this bed and right because I start things under bad deaths in what a great little then yeah now. I'm probably because this is something I don't know if this would happen you are her. But there was a guy in. The state of origin. Who then and a lot of snow there. In Oregon all over the place and so people been holed up there. You know element like my sister it's noted nor again and she'd an owner Sean Lawson said I guess I'm not going anywhere until it melts yeah. Some people been hanging out of this guy. What is in his house and he was counted to instance spring cleaning fuel any came across something. And it was a one million dollar lottery ticket. He'd won a million dollars in lottery but see this sounds crazy he says he bought the Mega Millions ticket from Oregon lottery from the mini mart. On January 15 of 26 team. And he returned own place it inside an envelope in his home office and nine completely forgot about it. And then he was just like going through cleans offices echo what's this thing on the zoologist Jack union won a million dollars. Now you know those expire right. He had eight days. While he made it by eight days and its army ID eight days after right I noticed that I was thinking like a cure center. Gotta take get a million dollar ticket in Madison and by the shop go on the north side at that Mobil station may never made it not come forward and I don't know if that. Either that deadline just pastor it's very soon now it's like army and not think not a lottery tonight. Well now I wonder if in your house because I'll definitely stumble across stuff that things he has and sometimes it'll be like you know oh this is a 30% off. It expired in 2014. Oklahoma they had automatic golf error of my comes across stuffed in your house but I still like I would come across that lottery ticket. And it we would want to and then I found the other day down. In a book and it was like as a bookmark or whatever tank it was an ATM receipt but it was in an I don't know maybe they still have these somewhere but it was an ATM receipt from when it was called a time to time machine CYM yes take your money everywhere right. As you know that's that a safari now. And I was just like proud I'd better save this because if they don't have those anymore this is some sort artifact. Mean more from a time machine yeah time machine received it I could sell it on eBay time machine receipt for time. It time travelers here and the look at what the bounce was in there will be got a press lament that now.