Out in Left Field

Friday, June 9th

Jonathan and Kitty experience a different kind of BALL game at Miller Park.

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Well I didn't know a lot of hot dog and a gain the cops. Don't know exactly how do you know yesterday. Yeah there was a so yeah city and I am the rest of the radio crew here for some reason some of how to be good idea for us to log on a bus. And go to the bird game we treat it Luisa Miller Park it was very fun. And we did some tailgating out front but we kind of forgot to bring home. Food for the tailgating and we are and there's like no people Linn comes it was god tailgating was just like we're a bunch of burn everybody early in the parking anywhere around I got a chair so I was there I was sitting some people are sitting on the concrete if you let's were standing behind the boss. Getting the fumes of the bus that Arafat's public then we went inside and was great Miller park's beautiful ballpark and everybody seemed. Happy and it was is a very nice day. Mentally or Ecuador in a section where we got free food that was kind of messed up it wasn't really free we just we won would run distraction while the other guy route they take the food but the real excitement and afternoon came in the second inning yeah early on in the game. And I was sitting down all senate set up there's a runner. I noticed a guy running. Kind of hello from the third base side and kind of jumped over or like down the third base line towards the shortstop. And they tackle them quickly many was taken off and that was the end of it and that's all I know but kitty. Paying a little more could you know he was keeping score the game to go. All right our people are paying very get a transcends everything. And it appeared. To me and amber does overnights here and triple and John. That the stricker was wearing no pain so I couldn't count. So I've posted on FaceBook you know they just tackle security just tackling guy who ran under the field he may or may not have been wearing pants. And then another friend of mine who sitting on the other side of the field saw my FaceBook post and said definitely no pants got a clear shot him is but. So hot cup while. So yes. There was a who ran onto the field in the second inning so no insulting him but I couldn't tell that he wasn't wearing now is try to look like khakis or something from that yeah. We now the best seats actually the so it was early on to that's the second inning it's like how do you beat that drunk or crazy by the second inning run when the game is now one in the afternoon means that like it was 8:9 PM game right on scene and you were drinking since noon or something. So after that happened. I did there is some conversation from the people. It brewers with our group including one of our sales reps who what did you ask you did she say what she said is that like. Is that a tradition to. For some wonder run pants a son of the field and then I'm someone said I know this is new this different and we kind of a big deal we should have said yes it is a tradition and when it's a group outing one person as Stewart and the one who asks after someone who does it. Well when I posted that on FaceBook a few people wondered if maybe it was you. Like had I seen you and I looked around and you seem to be gone citing a few were taken brewer jailer what exactly happened. I had my place to me to say nothing. But it ticket sold is usually good at bat and everyone can use their imagination for try to come out from your daddy's. Picture in his pants let's kitty come I'm. Since grade team some people I Chinese practice well five are triple I don't.