Peanut butter on what??

Monday, February 12th

The conversation takes a steamy turn when Jonathan & Kitty discuss  a new food trend.


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Here it triple I am. You know we do our best to stay on top of of what's happening what's the latest going on and of course a lot of people talking about the Olympics. But we can leave that commentary tell SNL's Leisle Jones just saying ridiculous things Payton who just sitting watching and her television. So we'll believe heard today commentary so instead we will shift from the Olympics to something else very important in our lives and that's eating. Yes a new food trend Jonathan apparently according to Twitter. Who keeps track of trend that is there they do there is a new food trend that tapping your hot dog. Now catch up now a Muster before you say what it is. Do you I'm curious your route different toppings and hot dogs you catch up a must catch up. Catch up maybe a little bit mustard Cuba that's more in a recent development. As a kid it was just catch up I now wrong with you because. I'm CC were on different sides but perhaps we will unite. And this new topping I don't know I've never tried it. And I don't know if it would if it would begin or not but apparently people are putting peanut butter. On their hot dogs. A day above the age of three. And I believe so it's a trend it's a Twitter to. I don't think we've rewrote I don't think three year olds are tweeting about this is not yet given to you know and I know they know how to read a writer must eat. Why we to put people apparently it's a good combo. And the folks at food and wine magazine decided to tried out really so a small crowd. Tasters congregated in the conference room and one of the writers there setup two tests. Apparently according to her this woman Maria who wrote the story the mood was uneasy. I took the first life it was. Really love. The primary sweet softness of the peanut butter made a rich coding for the hot dog. Which I realized roughly your perspective shares many of the same qualities. This is my favorite of my favorite sentence. The meat so oily warmth. Actually thinned the peanut butter spreading in Matty spreading out the nutty flavor and softening its intensity. As it morphed into a thin sauce. I know kiss she shouted at me and her colleagues began taking a little nibbles. The feedback tell us turning beyond just somebody that was reluctant to her then overwhelmingly positive. And then some people pointed out that peanut butter hand on hamburgers is already a fan. Really really high and outside. I definitely tried I definitely will put I mean I've been known to put condiments on things that don't belong because that's the only thing in the fridge so. Really I mean I could see peanut butter because like. He can make kind of like a tie sauce or some run out of it. You know the peanut butter sauce that would try be good so why wouldn't. All right next barbecued or triple am. Bring up the pinot entering the peanut butter all right sounds like a plan everybody could you read that one line again for me. I'm trying to think which the feedback now but the meat. The meets Lilly warmth that actually fined the peanut butter spreading out the nutty flavor and softening its intensity. It morphed into a thin Sox keep treatment Papa.