Pondering Our Eventual Doom

Wednesday, March 21st

Is the world really ending April 18th? Jonathan & Kitty dissect the latest Doomsday predictions.

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And apparently will only if you Wednesday's left in the why it's it's just so funny how things change now with the world wide web yesterday I was walking by. The front das choir director first impressions Katie works when she was listening to something my shoes were in the desk and it's sounding kind of cryptic. Like iron and I'll bite what what is this in she's echo the 418 thing have you heard about it and this is what she's listening to. Yes it did not get over the past several years he's been wanting to send an automated voice message to people who understand and are not afraid. One man did get a car and we'll make many know the truth. Anyway and I came and played a whole think so my guy what is it she's like well there's this conspiracy. It's the world's gonna come to an end on April 18. And I like OK well what gimme some mark now what sole reason it's so ridiculous and what's so funny is that there's probably a lot of younger people who you know are getting other information from the lab and from rent it. And Twitter and looking at all these things and probably getting sucked in but supposedly some random I'd so ridiculous some random guy got a void that voicemail message and then decoded it and it's said that there's been trouble and April 18 now just for fun I looked up. How many end of the world predictions there have been. Just for yeah I'm. The end of the world the prediction of the end of the world started. In the year 66. Now nicely 66 I don't mean 1966. Or 1766. Or even 1266. Or 966. I'm sane. The year 66. And the list goes. And and I'm back in 1524. Some London astrologers. Thought the world was gonna come to an end on February 1. In 20000 londoners left their homes and headed for higher ground and into the convention. But. It's funny because she she had spent some time. Like going down the rabbit hole. Of nonsense. And then you know I typed it and then there is a story I've no idea how. Legitimate the express dot CO dot UK it is it's you know on paper and United Kingdom. And they have. End of the world voicemail linked to Stephen Hawking warns of April and that you don't. Remains subject subject from the onion. Our national enquirer. Yacht but so kids. If you're still listening to the radio and I think a lot of you are it's not really happening all our. Insisting is that it's the day after the taxes are actually due on April 17 this is it just a trick to get us to not say when. If the world ending why would we have to file a tax this right. Good point and then the IRS gets almost penalties. I think the IRS has. Hi I agree with you by the likely by the way scientifically speaking any guesses. There's a one and a million chance. That in 4479. Years from now. That there's a one and a million chance something bad. I went and real world scientifically speaking not like a man made things now what cracked. So I outside and demonstrators. So anyway most assign different predictions are somewhere ranging between 500000000. And 22 billion years so while with all this information. This just reminds me that every day is against. And maybe you know that. Unwrap it carefully and save the wrapping paper and the receipt to.