Purple Beer?

Tuesday, June 12th

A brewery in Milwaukee has tapped a glittery, purple beer, and Jonathan & Kitty want to try it!

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And who wants to go on the road trip which means you have. Appear in Milwaukee. Sure I drive there's a special beer delegated designated to okay. They have a beer that's purple. In the glittery. Walking brewing company a new limited edition beer called that we just want to have a good time. Kind of along name in my opinion agreed but it's it's purple and it looks almost like it. A great floats at something that the only people I know in the whole world who loved that was me in my mom we would drinker it's grape soda and ice cream. But it's this it also has its. Barkley purple glittery ness to it. The beer is but it's what's it taste it so we hail combined with sweet orange peel and coriander. With a weak malts and oh it's. Butterfly he flower provides the purple color and there is at double glitter floating throughout the peer. Pick not appealing to me that we actually get. And it looks really fun it looks like we just want to have a good time. And it's like sending viking fans and you could have kept at one I'm glad they didn't do it during football season and a it's available at gala. In Milwaukee ale house in Milwaukee and so also at second street brewery and I wanted to taste great. No always tell them it's taste like orange peel coriander typical week taste it taste like. We peer Fiat because probably tastes more like the blue moon but looks purple yeah. And there looks that way I wanted to taste but it looks like I know you well I don't know because some people see it tastes like unicorn. And I am ahead you had you know I don't big. I. I have to say unicorn thing is delicious here's the trick of my unicorn peak. The first time you drink it when someone introduces you can't noted unicorn yes but that's what happened to me I thought the first step was giving the unicorn a lot of water. About what.