Reading Is A Super Power

Tuesday, August 28th

Were you the kind of kid who always had your nose in a book? Kitty Dunn talks with Pam Allyn of Scholastic Books about ways to turn your kids into Super Readers!

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This is weekend perspective I'm Katie Dunn and have wondered why some kids who love to read and can't get their nose out of a book while. Others just our interest. Well we're going to be talking about that and more with him Allen who's a battery illiteracy expert. And has written a book called every child a super reader published by scholastic AM thanks for joining us. Adding weight right Pam first of you work for her. Elastic books which is if most people remember when they were kids they get a little flyer and it would list books he could buy which were super super cheap. And then books that come to you the next month and it would be book day and it would be so exciting. And I just have such fun memories. Scholastic books did you read them too when you are. Oh definitely and I bet they. Don't out art at the order. And I think it's exactly they only have known for all these eerie hodac's. Excitement that reading at the special magical blend. The books I have to eat just eat you have to really wanna beat them and that element that magic you know the element of surprise aren't and openness and I'm gonna just go into another rule out. And I yeah that the books are coming to you I think it's so powerful that scholastic has really at this but the anywhere else would ever. Quite capture. The magic of Reading the way classic does. And I just found out a teacher friend of mine is. Doing something cool she's having all look for a friend each one sponsored child in her classroom so they get a book every month. That parade for a free book Ari month which. And this ever under guarding kids so it starts and are start them off with some free books and hopefully leads them to light reading. We're talking with yet am I am Alan. A literacy expert as answer written a book called every child a super reader how should or at what age should we start reading to our kids to start. Developing that love of words and books and stories. Are. All right will be answered that is writes I don't beat you and her of course you know baby. Is absorbing all of that and they say. Language and that's sort of special quote in your voice as you're reading. And all of that excitement that comes from just being in the Sheraton packs. So some men aren't only part is very important your immediate in your our church. Cursing or eighty or getting that they get bottle. The other hand yeah practice that it'll because that's already going to have a huge impact program both emotionally socially academically as well. And then I just mentioned don't stop you really I mean that even after kits are all ready in other words. Two children is. So profoundly important CNET and many many studies scholastic has been the leader in shelling us that we search and surely not how important it a lot is even if you're listening to our show today and are not much of our reader you don't feel like. Eating is or the eighteenth the cupboard over. Know that but even if you're reading the pictures we're just sort of making the story kind of as you go along with the book. That's also fine kidnappings are a quit it and really showing your child who also care about books is exe huge impact. We're talking with literacy expert Pam Allen. And at one thing I've done win reading to little kids sometimes they took a pick at a book that's so long so I try to skip pages or summarize. But they'll bill Neely every topic themes. I mean sometimes they pick up are mad at you know it just. Stay out kind of funny that is accurate. A lot of fun as they won't pick up our currently eighty actually kind of like the fact that you're interpreting attack store you have your own. So it has special take on it and actually as they grow to teach children who have been read to a lot locally here. They start doing it with both but they'll be reading a lot to their baby brother sister or even just you know much Albert a better and you'll hear that. Actually offer the books so. Don't be afraid that a creative relationship with you spoke at your kids are learning about them because anything you do at home anything you'd do that in all the fun enjoy a bit. Is going to have an impact on their learning lives it's going to have a big impact as for myself and literacy expert when. Go to kindergarten class I can tell you within the first five minutes which kits have been read too before they got to kindergarten already I can see it. That's how powerful it is. So at some a little bit more about. That impact and how much that will help kids I mean obviously there must have been studies done on us. Most definitely I mean it's really entrusting I think about their research because there are some very powerful surge that is. Really the entire field of literacy education that will get behind it agreed at that because. The vet the research that and I do talk a lot about this plastic talks a lot about is. About things that it actually also find really enjoyable and I think that in some way we've never trust what kids really enjoy. We do trust that would occur to. Forward to playing music oh my gosh he'd love that the let's do our war you know she loves to watch soccer she loves to play in the backyard where more that. Political poster reading and re search. Don't look what we don't want to see what's right in front side the distinct kicking really well to do there actually gonna do really well so to have a thing oriented in an ever. At the regal out agreed just described. And the second thing is actually giving kids choice over what books they read which is another. Really great thing that scholastic discovered very early on more than ninety years ago when. Plastic realized if we give kids some elements some measure of sure late. They're beating that you don't want to read more even if you know even if they end June spokesman with the hope they would've chosen anyway it's just yet they have little or Egypt he said. In fact done I created a program with my ordination or all says that scholastic has published called camp and in the program which is now. Over 700000 kids across the United States are involved in the program we really invented a lot of those its search base. Practices in to go into that program. At the regal and the idea of choice based reading and you can imagine I mean that kids are. Well I think Lee camp but also they're going back to score their futures are saying. We actually are doing. He met the kid that rhetoric camp this summer doing better academically in Q2 Warren and I really think it's all because of you to rethink their research based best practices aren't the real actually State Street and. Can Allen is a literacy expert and a he's written many books including one called every child a super reader so tell you what happens at this lit he. Well Rick camp is a summer program we design it to. Closed the farmer literacy gap could be seeing that the former kids don't get to have a lot of attraction with eating upgrading its. It's storytelling. There actually their literacy skills not only don't grow but actually go Daryn and it's. Called the summer why I didn't really worry me so. In 2000 and said so the idea what could we do actually and the summer slide. And we put together this program public camp that is based on a real. Inspired credit. Maturity and approach to the teaching literacy where we're saying yes to that allowed. But saying yes actually states beginning with saying yes to a social emotional strain or literacy learning where. Did you really feel a firm. It would receiver Eric. They don't wanna succeed because they're doing things they want to do and the target is now is nice and hundreds of thousand particular ultimately can't. School districts can they can't the children are served by their own teachers that we train their this is district's teachers how to run the camps. And that's scholastic and I and my team at local diet. The magic the curriculum the questions and for five weeks kits are even worse a power and magic of Reading. I would have loved them. Op they. Would love that immensely. I probably wouldn't necessarily needed because I was reading anyway by. I would have loved that what's idea Pam Allen to the literacy expert and one thing that I've heard is that another thing parents can do is. They can read books and have a love of Reading themselves and kids to pick up on. Definitely I mean I think that's kind of you know the hardest that we as parents are apparent to wonderful daughters. I just know how is this I believe in a working where I have. Anything calling attention and so we need I really do empathize with how busy that day isn't stressed all week that the we've got to do a million other things. But I do I really want to encourage all. Families parents caregivers grandparent everybody listening mom and dad everybody that. Putting some effort and energy into what actually speaking like just like it's gonna chaos. In any measurable ways not just in terms academics because of course that is the money in the bank are definitely gonna get your kids. If you give them a very Julius positive experience at home. They are gonna turn matter in what they're gonna go back. They're gonna go to or say that's the kind of yeah I get when I'm around books. But even beyond narrow it is also the creating a sense of wellbeing and our children and finally the world with in books and it's. Front to be part of that to say you know what you're feeling lonely or you aren't. You feel like just wonder oh. Courage or would you feel like you want oh good laugh over something. He's not just turning into the game on the iPad they actually turning and e-book or book in hand whenever and wherever you find the book. We actually did that a priority we don't say that's the it like to watch it go to adamant that could do that and the other and we'd like on the morning it took it up. They have got the it's time for reading a lot together or it's a good deal of the day. And we can. Take long for the local library or to read the book that was or during the week by the court to do really think about wearing your ritual is that. Are it's a long history reading. Talking with Pam Allen literacy expert and from scholastic books but every child a super reader. Now in my family we get so many books it was almost ridiculous I grew up there is nine and nine year gap between my older Brothers and sisters and me. And then a two year gap between me and my younger Brothers and there are lots left over books from them still we entered on the books everywhere both my parents like to read. I love to read but then my brother who is to act you know exactly as Smart as I am but I can't believe I'm admitting right now. He barely picked up a book he probably read five books for fun. Like his whole you know through high school. So. What is worsening special weakened due to encourage boys to wanna pick up a book. Definitely you know and unlike coauthor. Doctor RL odd chat or not we talked a lot about this writing the book. Because we also felt a profound sense of responsibility. You are speaking out about bullies in schools because we that is a huge concern to us that why is it that boys. Or why we do not see themselves as leaders one of the things and researching for the simple read about was heard horror. Girls were more likely to say they felt exit from readers for employees and we know we know we have to change the things and I did write a book years ago our best. Books for boys which. I did all they do a lot of really. Conversation with. With boys about. And then you know about what their experience at the end and number one on the list goes back again to my best practice round site yeah actually reading. Forty feeling like they were never really what ever are really give a lot of sweet but what they've beat and that most of their teachers are women. And especially from grades K. All the way through grade eight they are high school teachers and to be manned. Hopefully that will change tomorrow but yeah unfortunately the same dichotomy and that they felt like women sold books. Most of the characters you girls the main characters and to beat girls where there's a lot more fiction nonfiction and the suspense over generalized but actually I spoke back into. Or and I talked to teachers about this they. Trying to say oh my gosh I've got to take more time to think about this even GK rallying and eat right both ends that. We're upset in years past they beat them they didn't use their full name is it because they wanted to appeal to late. And girls the boys sentry box by mail there's girls tend to read books by email. There's been a mixed that up a little bit by just using additional and I think you have to be really conscious of that are authors. Representing a diverse population. Not just Barrett's email about like there an element of Billy diversity beat in terms of perspective. On it and digital dirt cloture and wait and everything else but stick and making sure library. And here we go a ROIs. They think that people the facts as I wanna make sure that all of our kids get to see themselves and the talks with their eating tonight. Not so sure that's always the case I think that's a big part. That's how we can make sure all kids to go to web reading also how we decided that leaving it just. We came on the mainland European aircraft cannot also be graphic novels and reading comic books and incredible and they are always. They keep your brother had known not for my younger age era below you might have just didn't like we say yes I know are there. But he was seen in my Trixie Belden books line around and for summary and did not wanna pick them up. Edit. With a hook up. We are finding my husband and I we have a lot of discussion about this because. He wrote to hardy boys growing up I loved the Nancy Drew books growing up but you know when you get to be a certain age you find out they were all written by the same person. And that's kind of like in a nutshell. Some very very very Smart publisher marketed. The same idea different ways I don't wanna go back to those days that like that. Stereo typed version of like what boys are what girl I don't actually agree with that either but what they do they get that. There is something to be sentenced or. Looking more broadly at what are the books we are offering market in the future they all comfortable reading them for what ever reason that is you know it. It again just thinking about it. It should not just speech. Because apple quantum Matt Eller won an award should be that the book really resonate with I hit. And if it does and I asked them what kind of books do you want to read more about I think the other aspect question and I'd just like. We are reading books about growth in sex you know he got an unpopular shocked me but I just look like let's go well you know what I want and it has got a few. Anybody out there it's gonna be. Spot because although great nonfiction books should turn. Like we're gonna go find outlived what we have the best route in that spot that's going to be our question which was shocked as you know he was like thinking even. Startled me maybe a company op and I was like no way without actually great I might as well you know let's get up. Pam Allen who has written every child a super reader wanting good resource web resource for people to go to get more information. Well there's a couple on scholastic dot com the sheriff and they have a whole family and community literacy need to how to teach Berkeley campus and eat it eat the track it and that's. And then finally on. Please feel free also to visit my web site that they will stop or like TWO ROT dot org on. We're a nonprofit organization that works. 26 countries and across the United States since they would like to the same postings that I think everybody will try to entrap boat started to great sites right there. Thanks again to my guest Pam Allen and tasty you for listening for weekend perspective. I can be done.