Tuesday, May 8th

Jonathan tries to derail Kitty's heartfelt tribute to teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day.


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In today Jonathan is teacher appreciation to how that works perfectly it does work perfectly and I just wanna say that I appreciate teachers on time and I think it's I don't know it's kinda. A little bit upset about how. Blatant. Businesses are marketing. Teacher appreciation day by what are they doing late they're giving him like I won burrito get one free or whatever I mean to me. Is that really how you appreciate someone is that I think I am looking here today USA today has a list of what you king again. Per teacher appreciation day. And like to poll play. Yet defiant faculty idea and it's between 3 PM close he can buy one get one very tonight even during lunch but I guess now I am because they're at school Lauren. I guess so. I don't see. Out back on the list so I don't even think you get a free blooming onion my lord which veterans get the free aluminum giant which I was thinking is. You know I just think should be doing league you better child giving teachers cut money for supply. Belly you get a free cookie. Thanks for being a teacher hears a cooking. I don't know I mean. Maybe even if I don't know what should give them. I think that everybody should give more respect to teacher right of course in general money. And some more money and I know that the walkouts that have happened recently in other parts of the country have actually worked with. Teachers getting like 20% raises in some places rice is fantastic and I think that's a way to appreciate T. Yours now. The he's not really dead bodies. Whose career is dead at least for the moment the late Louie C tail thing once stated joke talking about teachers and how hard it is to be teacher. And he said something along the lines of like you know you decide to be a teacher and if you really think about it all the things against you psychiatrist ball. The pace relieved and is that I would the pays bad. But what children in my teaching these are children that are interested in education or how are they selected for me to teach them. And the answer is they live close to the buildings. Right because I mean magazine is usually work usually how it is yeah. There's down the street from where you're gonna be so that's how there's open enrollment now ready right at me wasn't aware of that while I was not ever though you know. But just the joke of. You know like it's all just you get these kids just based on better than I do about some of the things I you know I volunteered a preschool in my teachers. You know she's got the Kleenex and seen blow to the you know she's helping a little kids blow their known as a giant you know and it's like. Here have a cookie. Yeah and that I remember when I was in kindergarten and of course you remember when during kindergarten this just a great example of answers what they do the extra mile that they will go god and we went to we win on a field trip to a farm. Okay the farmer we see the little chickens and everything like that. And at that time I had a cast on my lag. And I was on crops spoken and I don't know if for some reason never gonna try to remember to bring the way infamy and they forgot. So through the whole field trip the two teachers like made a chair on their hands and carried me I think we're gonna say they just left on the boss know and came back and a lot of times it isn't what they did that is nice that they did that. That's very nice I mean nation remembered the way Ian when Nate. But they carry let and I say yeah just give you some Benadryl and you just dram now and I mean luckily I weighed like eight. Pounds and I trial hopefully there any guy or something I was there really tiny and they mean that is OK guys the whole what winning games. All of my parent was my teacher but then there was also. A student teacher than it was the other half to go out and arrow and I don't remember now doesn't matter is just the student teacher so we'll give it to mrs. van. Parent congratulations you think she's still around all around face she she retired after one more year after me yeah. So I is that it classroom in this. So yeah she is fifty years and it's more than fifty years ago sellers we salute you seem it was price she would be like a 140. Something down below so yeah there's always so you wouldn't be under an important and we don't am proud of just tell the math teachers who are doing. And the student teachers we appreciate you as well and and I am really sorry to them in Spanish student teacher. Terrible to leave it.