Before They Were Rock Stars

Thursday, February 1st

From U2 at Merlyns, to Hootie and the Blowfish in a bar, Jonathan & Kitty swap stories with listeners about bands they saw before they became super-famous.

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And now we were just talking about seeing vans before they were huge. And somebody Arlen talks about seeing you too admiral lens but we had one triple a listener right on FaceBook that he saw them. At a bar on State Street before they wrap Ireland's which is. That's pretty cool fairly impressive let's go back to BMI and see if there's some other stories. Hello John bland who resists the broadcasting a tiny but then did you see who in the rotation. Species. About eight GE main room jury mullahs and I just what kind at a bar. It was at a fire yeah and I am Michael I would go work. And then somebody could look good Gator fan I thought OK. Shape and good. Can shut came from. And I brought that made. Listen to it every day and the way too yeah. Hey. Did you like Tim though you did you must think I yeah I don't that there are great. But that's probably the only huge budget Sudbury Jordan. Now back in the seventy is that thanks. While a UW. Stay out yeah well that's pretty good joke. I thanks John Eric I got the there was some some more coming in journey at the stone harsh Slough. Which in my went by the time I was going to stone hearth there was just like a Disco death so there weren't any live bands there and I thought that was pretty cool any. Under berg had that one and I was just thinking about I mean the big one I saw. That big became super huge it was a jammed Barbara it was in Wausau Wisconsin. Eyesight Huey Lewis and The News. Insert we know it. Yes it was great it was before the sports album came out they had a lot of those songs wreck and I remember when they did I want a new drug Mike that is going to be ahead. I mean I didn't have a rare IRS yeah I didn't tell anyone that led or make any use of it but I was proven right by us. Yeah I could have seen oasis for eight dollars at a bar in Minneapolis but. My brother and friends we decide no we wanna go somewhere where we can talk we'd eaten dinner at the place they came around and were collecting money. There's a span from England they're called oasis it's eight dollars if you wanna stay and rolling dollar and believes that's awesome. I'll tell missed out on that he said might get a chance to see the police. And he just kept on walking and if you study Eagles as an opening band. So that's kind of cool every time he tells that story I just say well let's as your old. What really killed in the Twin Cities opening for Jo Walsh and barnstorm. While. Yeah Brad after Joseph loss left the James game. I'd trouble I'm did you see in the end before it. Yet who's this doesn't Connie and I penny well as I can't or in here where I re I Lauren. A lower house. Yes they were here first opening band and you are like why is the hour backwards what is left wheel well highway I look at my ID act. He didn't say Turkey getting kicked attract the other portrait parent current state a man oh yeah. And I carried cord Howard there and they're they're never going to be anything because they are important are screaming mainly to their. Thousands exit of the tunnel here. Through congress who. There is that is that is fantastic also when you see them anything they suck right and then they still become something and I sub Barenaked Ladies at the Paramount music call. Which is kinda cool and then eventually their plane they were in really great behind us I travel and the whose best. David who did you seek. I saw the Bengals my brother in laws banned open for the bang goals that are county fair. And I don't see your role is no what was really I was eighteen years old but cannot lose I'm a professional photographer now. But I was eighteen years old enough they get I got up backstage pass and I was allowed onto the stage and I shut photos. Of of the angles. And your lap songs that Iran of course aren't loyal block quite an Egyptian. While you know the first time I'd ever heard the farm and have here at these games are going to be here. So continue to do what county fair was it. I can't remember what I think it would what are all worked. A guy who's out there it doesn't matter what manager here's a man asked do you still have the pictures and if so can I please have some Susanna Hoff picture it's a hot hot. I can get a hot under eighteen years old and I had a backstage pass from a security guard looked at me goes anytime you ought to come up onstage just slightly now. And I was like oh my god I you know I was like freaking out he and one of those guys in the band just. You got take advantage of that yeah so I got up there and I got a picture of her Hannah. Or looking at me and no one of those wing quaint and more than a foot. They'll look they were literally it was a lot of fun I have a pictures. Somewhere there were all. I'm them they were thought I'm sorry you are my zero Susanna off javy got locked like a lot of high road 00 my god the I would the most amazing thing I agreed upon us you Rhode I don't I sing she would like I do office. Com and leadership they choose. Yeah very attractive Erica are very talented yeah OK and limited action can stop now. Thank you sir have a good day at least demo line section should suit now.