Things My Parents Hate (Cole Slaw)

Thursday, July 26th

When Jonathan's parents still lived in Chicago, he would call them and secretly record their over the top conversations. Even though they live here now, he couldn't resist recording them when they started talking about grocery shopping. Enjoy!

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This mom. I he would wait hold that yeah vapid that. We're trying to let them know nothing's wrong I was tied him borrowing reminding you that you're picking up the kids tomorrow at three but you guys sounds disturbed what's the matter. Yes daddy and daddy that they're debating about some calls I don't know this. Fighting about coleslaw what you're talking about. Yang you know we let get to this supermarket. And daddy used to picking out our occult provided in these containers that god has called back at about Nicole's luck. And he's taken a lot this shout and made stopping yet fifty containers hot second got. I'm checking for depression. You know I'm checking in and actually what happened when I got confused I forgot what day it was. I thought it was 28 and I'm looking at it looked like it was old Cold War and I don't like go. Betty try to put them they act me and they don't fit he's putting come in with a if reality pushing him in mid to. It deli manager what's lacking Covert tests Jack these kind of. Under such pressure I I couldn't put the containers basically. I'm what you bringing people lie in the deli manager. So that we walked over to the great you know we need to get some great. And what he's doing bad knees K state the big that great Chinese green great read great. I can't break and then ECB needed some cherries interpretation and the nature. Community church Ayers and it happened near Gerry wherever they either like the king of the cherry. He's a lazy in that. That words are we went to sell checked out. I I look over he's got a big epic change. Do you bring change itself check out. Well and I knew what to do which is change I got all this change it debate. Won't count him anymore so I figure argues the mayor even sound check out there was a lot. See. And he's putting in and these corridors I don't know where we're adding we had to do well actually. We got things happen lately loan was what kind of growth in new grocery government right I'm Nicky with you what they're grown. Right where he is so wrote. It back.