Time Change Torment

Monday, March 12th

From the archives: Things My Parents Hate. Jonathan’s parents have a hard time adjusting to Daylight Saving Time.

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I'm dribble I'm in the past three stab the segment called things my parents hate because I would call my parents up and I still lived in Chicago and they both got on the phone. It was just so comical. That I needed to record it. We don't do it anymore because I am the joy of seeing them on almost daily base now that they live in Madison. So it's the same kind of know what's going on when them the united certainly living and there are they don't want us going around and he and I'll do now yes. But one of the times years ago I called my parents and they still lived in Chicago was right during the time change because that always seems to be difficult for them and it's funny because. Things my parents hey there seem to be a lot of parallels to kiddies life and my parents. Because today you're complaining about the time change just messed me up and how much a mess you up so. Let's pull out from the archives this phone call my parents. On back to 2014 I believe this was wow really hang out and the time change your Riyadh. Oh opt opt opt opt opt opt. Imam. I guarantee I was calling out for another edition of things my parents and are you okay act I'm just kind of tired wait all that. Eric. Hello hey dad what what's wrong I'm so tired and we're just stick got different this time change. Talk about things that we hate my dad is just making act crazy. The times changed all wartime change yeah likely late at night we stayed up till. Like a lap and because we felt like we can and that really weren't there. And then this morning we wake up and I I don't know it's I'm there is that it was. 8 o'clock but it's Federer and relax so I don't know we're all makes stepped back and redact. Two bath like the tags change and dare I did. Gone crazy with changing all the plaques and how what thing. Every car in my mouth I have to find them resources trying to remember him. When I'm done with everything and I hope and change the parish. And then I come and I remember well. Wrist wrist watches you know all of those to change that and let the Vatican we don't know when we should each week she read about old timers in due time so. I don't know where eating all week and we haven't been hungry NBA going (%expletive) like. 10 o'clock in the morning crook who weren't sure what realize he's as we ate breakfast at 9 o'clock a little anxious there impact. And then you don't avoid being gay is like we keep saying. Ali fight thirty that if you really forced thirty yeah I have to remind a couple of food and they're really doing is. No it's. It's what time it is it's one hour return. We believe it's relief for a third the it says tried thirty garbage really only 430. And what about the can't Laverne and Shirley. They're still on base that they don't do it daylight savings stack that they are we woke them up early today disparage them going and they were. Very very pissed off both of a. You know what I don't think I can touch him mark can I just call you tonight at six. Really good it earned run quick fixes it. If I buy your big bird way reverend Rick. We lose. Yes the capstone to daylight savings time huh. That's fantastic. Parents at Suffolk. If you ever messed things I say you can usually find them wandering around the malls here. So early in the morning doing some mall walking and a whole host of hostages got people are asked them if they're my parents.