Wednesday, August 22nd

The animal cracker boxes you may remember from the grocery checkout lanes of your youth have changed. While Jonathan & Kitty applaud the animals' new cage-free status, Kitty thinks more changes are needed.

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And a change to. I've put team that you probably want in your parents to buy you in the checkout lady in your entire life. The box looks different animal crackers young animals. Are no longer in cages. Tore. Through. Does the room. And they get from here. As we're yeah as the grew. I us through rose what do you mean. What are they after more than a century behind bars the animals on boxes of animal crackers are now roaming free actually noticed that the other day and I was like. I don't like it because it I was thought that you could make like caged well I let the occasion when I was little has the idea was eaten violates a bunch of and then you can make like a little circus train that's true you could. And so let me you know I was soon hate animals why it was so rare that I would get my amount to five and the kids she said pure rip off then there are too expensive for what began immediately six crackers and a box for. You know nineteen cents back I hang out every way too expensive. My until late international the parent company of Nabisco was redesigned packaging of its Barnum animal crackers. After relenting to pressure from people for the ethical treatment of animals didn't like the facts. That animals were changed I mean there's no reason for them to be in teaching us. Yeah I mean. I I think the bigger thing that they should be paying attention to Peters when you open up the animal crackers and Mike. He elephant's trunk has broken off. Or one of belt lions legs is broken or it just looks like a blob and he can't figure out what animal is definitely a crime what are they doing mating elephants with the lions let me look at this cracker. Yeah. There's also a again in the inadvertently it's. There and not nearly enough. Jelly and it's moments. Ago I visited that have been gently as trainers who say I'm not. There at all. Make crawlers have not been included have no spine represented discrimination. I'm looking graduation a better then it is yes. 738 lunges or not represent it I don't primetime triple. Because you. Boy oh. New.