Viking Fans in Danger?

Tuesday, January 16th

Apparently watching NFL playoff games can have an unintended effect on your health, as some fans watching the Vikings and Saints found out. Jonathan & Kitty explain.

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An exciting game at on Sunday between these saints and vikings. But there was something that happened technologically. That. Affected saints and vikings fans for a while the finish of course the social sector. Ago when he 123 saints vikings have their own 39 it's third down. Three receivers in right field and left marsh on Lattimore twelve yards from out of he's an easy drop steps up from the pocket he fired the whites. Okay. And those guys are pretty excited at the Minneapolis Marico I was pretty awesome but so and it probably affected those guys too if they were wearing. Apple watches. Because. Many people who were watching the game for both sides. It was so you know major heart feel it's very exciting down the second half was one of the most exciting. Pass a football I never watch right so. People who had apple watches some of them got warnings on their watches that they might be having a heart attack. Hot hot hot hot hot hot there could do pitchers have their ally offense and it says. Apple watched detected a heart rate debt rose above a 120 beats per minute while you appeared to be. In an inactive state suffered during that I'm I'm not period off. So. It's so people are putting an end Twitter like some around my apple watch keeping an eye out for me the end of the game to alerts so people had this problem. With the watches you know could you're just sick you're not running now what are you saving him place. But every the adrenaline gets pumped in and your heart starts beating faster and were not even playing writing I just watching the game. It's sad someone else wrote if I was wearing an apple watched night you'd be planning my funeral certainly flat lined and spotted at. I don't Donald Trump. So isn't that great. And I I feel like those guys those announcers. For the vikings. They probably have the same situation with that they're watches too don't you saying maybe your head is gonna explore. Yeah. Okay. You. It's. Well I am a defibrillator in the Booth for a reason.