A Visit With Jason Moon

Friday, June 22nd

2016 Project M Winner Jason Moon visits to update us on his Warrior Songs project, which helps veterans with PTSD through the healing power of music. He also plays his song "Hold On" for us live in the studio.

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And one of our favorite people. Was not available today so. I think someone else we like Jason moon is here so now let's just give you. Quick history if we can Jason very impressive musician. That we met a couple years ago we ended up winning our project and championship in 2016. But he was the thing that was so amazing about Jason. Great guitar player great storyteller funny guy. Throughout the entire competition. Is this fun had a great stories all sorts of things then at the finale he then told us a little bit more about his life and how weak he serves. For the military and PT SD things that he struggled with and all the things he's done to help other wounded warriors. And it just blew us away and it continues today and he's back in in Madison and as a very cool event going on for spoke morning Jason thanks for coming back. The morning. In Miami don't weighing yeah which is sad I know you moved away I think if you're here you're Beckett in Wisconsin in you've been a little busy. Tell us your gig and right now I'm on what you're doing how many shows you've done and why when I am on a 45. Eight you're doing Tony two shows raising money for the second volume partner compilation CD we take veterans' stories and tremendous on women at war worries and buying too. How many shows. 22 shows in 45 days. That's kind of rock stars is it is it definitely does what I'm feeling like you're not flying on a jet to all the play no no no I'm driving in the Kia soul. And I think he also there him back in the so explain a little bit via a though warriors songs because some people may not. He's from here and when I got home I really struggled and I actually attempted suicide in 2008 after four years of struggle with Pete tasty and started to write songs. About my experience and it was really helpful powerful healing in and I. I started to sing those songs to other veterans from the nonprofit warriors suns are travel in the country and while I was out there. And into womanhood. Had been raped in any beans she said you know he ain't. Some look at how neat too much drama into his song the way you have with years song. When you're trauma than in the media would have a similar healing and it was a while what about all the traumas I didn't experience you know. I wasn't I didn't experience amnesty in the military but maybe I could find someone so. We started collecting their stories in matching the songwriters and our first filing came out in 2016. And now we knew we were in on this second which is women at war because they injures so many. Different. Promised all the ones than normal you know this male soldiers have and then on top of that that list he passed over for promotion. And so and I wanted to say I'm my wife insists that I tell everyone I'm not an idiot I formed committee of five women. Who decide which stories get told couldn't it was just I'm really stupid to try to man's play in this. Right yes and guys so it's one minute war warriors songs vying to. And some familiar names for us on and then. Yes yes a lot of some great local medicine musician's death key leash on the marks Kelsey miles and the wing sexy Esther Lisa Johnson. And if you feud a gentleman that helped out Kevin Welsh and Teddy damn important. Very nice project members and their two so a chance to go to a concert is coming up on Sunday I. Yet this son aim at the boss meter heat from six to nine its benefits show with myself Lisa Johnson charmed amongst. Beth Kiely and beginning leaders became very nice all all great musicians so I head out to boss me Jiri did you show up at the that the hugest show by the Daria it's 55 dollars suggested donation that will take whatever you again. Jason who we love you new very inspiring give us the website before him kissing science deleted deleted that glorious songs that are. Warrior songs downward OK so what he gonna what's done is due for assistance. Oh I'm gonna please sung that I wrote to when I was struggling. Prevented 32 Suze I've gotten correspondence from 32 different factions said this particular songs what got them through those those dark moments in. Kept them give them pollution and. Jason moon literally saving lives with music. I'm a tier one a. Yeah news. Six and slow us. Earth on validity. You hear a girl. And it means. How are GE. Saying. Not so Dan. Cannot steal my hands. Many Xeon. Lay you know. Who's scared he'll remain. Well now. Involved now. Well now. One Mon day. Well now. Well hello and hold down. One mom. When these things used to seeing the NNN. College you and saying. He gives good. Thing. Catch our breath. Within its own man. He has slowed down a man is no way and it times news. All around and use the that's you've lost jobs healed faith in you. You do it's. Cold mountain. All. Hold. One and all games. All. Bow down. Hello. One on me. Simple things are used to. Making snow nice saves it's banned yeah. The last and so miss so good back again but I'll look back yeah. Maybe I should zone. NN com fans in the event and boss John two Wallace standing here. Just can't win no matter. I each time he down. Stopped rat us and. Rolled around. Told but. All we'll. Names. Pulled. Hold on. Followed around. One yeah. When you've lost your. Who was beaten. Little reprieve it is. Holy See. He's a man of good. Glad things that boat rat you. Just on time opinion and throw your hands. And yeah. Never gotten. Stairs and they say I'm in men and they don't blow. Not just fans the darkness. Pulled down but. Alone. Vote. One on being. All. Well done. Well done. Indeed. Jason moon after one on 1055 triple and beautiful song mortars songs out or please go to Boston eatery on that Sunday night starting at 6 o'clock for this great fund raiser. And Jason in all seriousness thank you. Again for serving our country twice. As as a military personnel and then saving so many veterans and literally saving lives beekeeper who need to read and we really appreciate it.