Waitress Cast In Studio

Wednesday, July 25th

Two of the hilarious actors from the Broadway musical Waitress stopped in to chat with Jonathan & Kitty. Lenna Klingaman, who plays Dawn, and Jeremy Morse, who plays Ogie, were Kitty's favorites in the show. Listen to find out about the show, some secret talents, and to hear Jonathan's wildly inappropriate question.

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It's Jonathan McKinney in the morning on 1055 triple and an overture hall it's wager wrestle with an amazing musical and the two. Reform is that drew the short straws. To come in. To us CS today. Who are let heckling him as Jeremy. Morris and a you guys tonight miss separated. You know he was practicing Lannan practicing all right I'll marry. I was so I would say he gets enough help a NASCAR. I'm OK so. I don't know if we should start with the showered get deep in your back history that's not official yet and certainly that any side. Priest protect act all morning she's been I mean this is not a money that I really got close at you that you didn't see it. Now so his it was really funny and these are the two funniest people in. Nice to. They're posing in front of the microphone I. I'm OK so I don't know if you wanted to tell us those stress on the movie. Yeah. Well done that's been asked me if I'm. And that I mean yeah we definitely yes yeah the dialogue is likely to copy and if that young and we sit you know maybe it's. I forget this religious and is follows. Jana was a waitress and a pipe diner and she. Bakes pies and she you finally beginning to show that she is. Pregnant and in this. Marriage which is really difficult and you can watcher navigate. Her pregnancy and her. Abusive husband with. Her best friends. To all sorted diner on one of the waitresses played here by a Lennar. Until one. And I end audio which is Becky and on the watcher journey through the show and she she. And and certainly yeah. Tonight we'll we'll we'll just jump in and get to the fun stuff so let's hear the baby on my. But he's doing man among web site and find. Other places X I watched that we've watched the terrible interview and what an interview wasn't there was the audio was really that you're sitting on the outs. And and I use it and I'll let you do that you do a great baby cry yet though you. I was actually before I do it. On the regionals Lou Lou baby cry four which is the music and visited him when she is Burton I did that cry lives in the original three Broadway. I'm out of town tryout so. Would you Wear their bunch of people trying out for that nil I think it just means it's just an idea but here is okay. Now freaking me a lot of people in the audience. Started last team when they had that I'm pretty sure that's real that's. Really not that was really good idea that would that was amazing I looked away to just. Careless wanna look Armenia but no I was a little under the little scary I wanted to changer. I. You know kiddie here has by the way we're talking about the musical waitress isn't as jury. It's its data overture hall through Sunday I don't know I just don't know what you're gonna say now your town. The wicked witch tell us this event. Usually I have to Beecher to do I thought you heard them. Assume it. Ought to sit right out of my way. It was pretty well yeah. I. Think it hit it right. So. There's really no place for that though in the waitress musical unfortunately is so in England wicket. Yeah. Good word that you are you friends a server Alice are members are knoller and yeah I had got to work with her a fair amount will we learn in virtually active. We're getting. Jeremy was with the show since the thirteenth grand of it. And then when it was back to products that harm human. It's been a little over three years now that you are best friends is there yet she's been here many years ago and she wrote all the songs for themselves that's Lance and she's Ingraham so we rehearsed with the two are in the arc for a month in here in Obama. And so is support and actually. She's that's code speak that she's itching and I don't know how is Anna she's really him. Let out what's your favorite track and the artists and. It's. Our album and I al-Qaeda at its. I think I think have to go at Iran with the actual title track hard to hunt them. I don't really care too. Used to it now what kind of music is it. It's kind and Coke I would come he spoke with a little with a little cent okay that's on schools that Sundance. Indy you also I'd read like. Got married Ameren musical ride out whatever honeymoon. Now having a film married still Mary Hartman and okay and we're going on honeymoon the end. Where you. He drinks and that is and sound scary. I don't know shoot I'm about to show more on that forgetting about the scope local it to you that you drive. If he really did not at this is one of your favorites I think it's really really get I would go again if somebody gave me more ticket yeah. Do you. As are a lot of pipe going but not in the show like secretly backstage Nazi index on July. There's a lot there's and I don't wanna learn some pens and all of her hands and there's actual. Jenna like. There's a scene where she's making pie and there is actually ingredients and yet on our hands and it'll songs and sticks to seek winds at the. I'm one that there there were sequence all over. You're Coston proceeds she does this on colts off placement which is absolutely beautiful when he's which is Earl dreaming together and thinking my together. On my favorites on the show and on our scene theaters it happens right after it's a she came back on stage and she just had like. And sequence. Is like on her like dressed all upper side handles like one that. At the end of the missiles in three. Yeah murder that I. Is all of urgent and think and. Here tonight yeah data on my hand I went to break your order let's at Harvard really funny. On the gas sequence our office which fantastic to. Okay it actually feel it and I amazing show. And I noticed you digging a little bit that Michael a few years ago. There was waitress I was on The Today Show in new Jeremy were part of that and nausea so I'm curious if Matt Lauer. Or anybody out there I'll outline regularly batter right because it was like a stellar as and a do a whole team was there but yeah. He he was very sweet ass used very act as we had a curious growing in a zinger right now and your. And I think that's I have do you have anything else to say if you've been to Madison before you have family here one. And the that you see here they don't even know you're in. How do you actually stumbled upon them in Chicago about places like a week ago it was like. They were just brand and we had a day trip so they're coming to the Chenault this weekend's. If they ask you wave to them hopeful and it. Excellent scenes. I Jeremy Lena them. Lennar being right there thank you for coming in this morning thank you for coming to Madison being part of this great performance waitress tickets still available. Run listener Sunday. Look for Katie should be outside see if you can give her respect and look at. You so much diss the Yankees.