What would you ask a rock and roll legend?

Wednesday, October 11th

Jonathan and Kitty ask the legendary Graham Nash their most pressing questions.


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I triple and their city police. On this this Graham. It is hello Graham can you cannot come to the phone because she's been a bad bad kitty. No I didn't have my hat she'd never had the hello. Graham Nash days you've got two of us unfortunately this morning Jonathan and city here when a fire road that that's not a reporter I'm I have to people who talked to today that's a chance okay well we're we're so glad you're taking a few minutes to chat with us we really appreciate their work. I'm not agree I'm sorry I'm a few minutes late Serbs and involved recently garnered he's got perhaps you're involved in sleep which would be totally understandable. We. There is something that I board cited you're gonna be here in Madison coming to the capitol theater. Yes that went easy on Saturday and I aid and you've got a solo album I'm here for the first solo album came out it was that last year that it came out this past tonight's know where. And so what folks look forward to add things at the show on Saturday I know we're gonna hear some. Some Holly's muse aches and Crosby, Stills and Nash music and some new stuff. So you under your own question how yeah I did that was terrible cheating I'm doing okay. Going how my everything my responsibility is it about this incident that you thanks. Through all I have to let my audience know that I want to compete. Certainly. I want them to leave it surprisingly. On one type C I know that I got my job mean. I think I feel like. A Graham that we can may be following your footsteps we do the morning show here in number one we don't want to be here. And number you people are complaining so I don't know we need to take a lesson from you is it. Harder still enjoyable after all these years to go back and sing songs that you've done so many times. In the past I mean it's it's sort of like you can do it on cruise comptroller what's what's that like. No no no cruise control Gupta gets thrown out the window. I see every single song with his much passion as I care. I put myself in that kind of the same emotional city I was when I wrote assaults. And that's okay occasionally you know what you know that 2470. And my sense and the emotional roller coasters insane. But no I know he has absolutely no from from the very first song that I want to beat them make music for their. And that good good good point is that we outdated and Stephen O'Neill I can do what I. Want to do. I can see the sun I want to change. So is that I'm running optionally knows how. I don't know I'm detecting something there. Yes. Why am I know it I'm one of the times that I suck Crosby stills Nash and young in Milwaukee I remember when I think when you guys went in. Our house Neil is like this is my favorite song ever and it was like. He'll did you really have to be so sarcastic. Are you know until we really didn't think we very rarely suck it for me. I swear to god he is he has got a dark sense of humor that's unbelievable. The management that's what I mean we're ranked when when we moved when the CS senator made that first record. And we realize that we cannot do well play live because we knew it was going to be a big jet and that's what you have to do not needle. And quite frankly I was I was and I wasn't against it but I would I consider eight Japanese are never even met this guy. What do you what you mean by an uncertain this this this this new talent that we had created. But I went to breakfast we see you in New York City how. I'm I'm bleaker street. And after breakfast I would have made you king of the world scene was so funny. While I am and so my point is that deal is not sarcastic in the speech that he liked so there's some law how's he actually. Okay because it's an incredibly simple song done and created from an incredibly ordinary moment. You know when you take it open to breakfast and you know it's a miserable morning him. Passing on to store on the way to the car seal deposit don't want to buy. You know one man and they didn't like I sent an awful cold and leave wince Los Angeles morning remarks are sure how to lower canyon. I go through that from your nice and they don't. I like if I if I knew there was some flowers you're not positive people. Today. Boom and there today SF while I am my prayers and of course he's talking in my Joni Mitch and us Graham Massey. Judge you for joining us will be at the capitol feeder I'm that the Saturday night. It's ours a lot of those songs wasn't always that easy where some of them that you just go shopping or whatever and you're. Are not immune none at all nobody sees it. Writing simple songs is sometimes more difficult than writing complicated saw you who. It's so easy. We are now are not popped right out how's it took me about 45 minutes right just sounds so I hope it's only four years to write concede. Because when you're talking about people this. Religions you have to make sure that every single word this is what you believed to be correct. That's amazing now we do we do have to askew I mean people who we've you've told this story before but we'd like here at the just as sung before I ghost story is that all true. That it was all that. It's completely true I would see Molly and the Hawaiian Islands. I had I had maybe two hours to kill before I have to go to city airport to fly back to lurch to recording studio in Los Angeles. And I was at moon or homeless in the barn and then it won't please certain rights he should hate about you cannot Renaissance just before you go. A certain way we should react and how much he gets 500 dollars. I still have these 500 dollar. And a whole lot more from that song I'm imagining. Well Richard is it paid if I'd known it was going to be such a big yeah I'd have written a better solve. Graham Nash we didn't notice in fact she was she noticed that you kind of won that. I don't wanna say it's a negative thing but that's something that you don't like. Is some people's photographs that they put on FaceBook you're kind of sick of some really is known and photography in a year and very artistic very beautiful pictures. But there are certain kinds of pictures you don't like. I am not crazy about this sultry. Does. You know I think it's going around the world it's been you know. I think this is my point I don't use my camera is my memory. No I hate. Surreal moment so it happened right before my allies in and it seemed so happy to be a law but I don't want to take pictures serves you know. Puppies would would also wore all early you know. Editorial yes there are pictured it matches my couch. You know I. Residing in Graham Nash she is going to be had a beautiful capital feeder on Saturday not only will there be great music and I'm sure you have a few stories as well. Yes I find it fascinating no. People that are not involved in music I mean I accept as a as a and you know for people who don't know music got to write music or don't play anything. It is kind of magic to them. And of course it is no. And then here we you know I'm would be an embryo a bunch of strong support me. Maybe some Cairo last week you know and you know Russian I thought it would stop. Great holly song. Yeah pretty nice solid sound like he's serious note by the way the so I'll Micah Hyde that is really. That's why I mean. And I ask you another son I'm Mara another story and lack you've tried told in a million times but I wanna hear you tell it to Jonathan Lamy and the rest of our listeners. What it was like when you first got together with David Crosby and Stephen stills and heard how your voices melded together. Well it certainly changed my life. I was this really Joni. I come from London. So Los Angeles city isn't the only. I got a parking lot or heard. How certain that I heard of the people in net bridge actually didn't quite make me happy. Just then. But what it was David is he's got. And you know we sold to big one I'll be on the show and really had a beautiful in. They be tried to rescue and they've played and played really that was some that we were just. And it was a some looks even girl you don't have to act which was some just are. And basically wants to prop. Dot city and I didn't see that. That's a brilliant song that's unbelievable to see it again. They look at each other and they smiled and they try it again. They got to the end of reaction okay all right. That would make. While most time. I know that good time. I had to learn my words I'd learned how deep it was greedy. I knew how Stephen's body language meant that he was gonna and there are certain musical phrase this late. I had myself down you know I edit together. And we have to stop. The single game and stopped watching. Please understand that always on the Springfield and I'm the birds were pretty deep into the how many bats. But that's just completely different. We had no idea. I'll vocal blend could produce that kind of a feeling you know us. And I realized at that moment I'd have to go back even in a movie my fat eat. My knee. My equipment in my money and come to America don't follow that's so I don't. And that's how powerful it was. That sounds amazing but I'm I'm curious Graham what may be when you're going back to England to quit. Did you think for a moment no maybe I was really high hell yeah sounds good we got we know. Oh win it we knew that OK IRA and it's me and David Crosby and Stephen Stills. We know yeah sure I. Oh man to be a flannel all and that that evening. And Joseph and Joseph he was the only witness because while. Hudson and she was high teens. That I had just one more question before we let ego and that is is there's somebody eight that you have always wanted to sing harmony with but never had a chance. I had a dream the other day and the citizens what happened. I'm important shipping from Saint Louis might be guitar player. I have I have no idea. Pleading not actually trying to see. This City Council came to me and I told me that they were they ever really drove this. Unbelievable the Everly Brothers were in Knoxville and cruel bed. I went to school there and stop it dead. Their musical. Life there in Knoxville. And the not so the City Council wants some they can be deadly bird just popped. The very small beautiful popular they want to dedicate to the Everly Brothers. So they actually do it I would help and I just of course we have the Brothers are incredibly important in my lack of course several LIE. Mailed a bunch of my friends. And I got some great responses. So unborn. Keith Richards who's who not activate and then two days and I got a beautiful email and on the economy. I am and always did what I needed. Too so what were they gonna do is on the approach to the top they're gonna be some of marble. Blocks of stone which they're gonna cost. Quote from. Well known to fans have you ever noticed. And so far I think I've got on board Brian Wilson Paul Simon Paul McCartney and keeps Richards. Can you give Lester no eyewitness. Yes I would love. Seeing yesterday. To prime how many we just probably used to tough. While however I would love to hear it yeah this person for me to opera or anything good pass on their cell phone numbers to us the mobile phone that we would appreciate you to get that call and so I'm here. Well pump up Graham Nash thank you so much at such a delight to talk to one great. Experience Madison means we'll have at the capitol feeder on Saturday night it'll be a fantastic show a fantastic room. And we appreciate you taking a few minutes with us. You're very welcome voter be thank you very much either take care but I.