Where Did I Put That?

Friday, May 5th

Jonathan and Kitty discuss the things people lose the most.


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So remember the other morning. I was almost lady came like scrambling in here it was because I could not find my phone. Right home and I was going crazy trying to find an amendment he woke up and sent one to call in and I said it's on silent. Those are retracing my steps. Well there is. Someone did study on how and how much time we waste searching for stuff. Moon UH two and a half days a year searching for your loss stuff. You feel like I mean I was really bad for awhile with my wall it. Then I'd constantly. Just put it in the dumbest place possible. And then finally I was trained when electrical collar blue purple tunnel and I are you know. Put it in the same little bowl every day now communiques that was put my place but for some reason my wallet and loads of his putter here in the blue couch. Put a double the toaster. A little bit over your mug toy that I don't know why would do that but it would happen so are you very like all. Course not none drag I usually Norma Cusack is usually in the coat pocket but they're not if there's oil that's what happens to know. Yeah I usually don't have a problem with the keys although once when I was in apartment I lost the keys and I thought I left him in the front are so that I thought oh my gas someone's stolen out they're gonna break in and so I had memory key the front door and everything and then I found the minutes seldom used packet of my cult that's almost like an upper more decorative type power play it I. They do some romantic night for some raise them in place yeah this six things we misplaced the most are. Wallet or purse. Shoes. Mirror. I mean I think maybe four if you have a lot of pairs of shoes. You know I've got yeah read on camera to. Glasses. Keys. Phone in the remote. And there for me the most joyous part is that once the discovery happens. Yeah you know 'cause in our house we lost. The remote for the Blu-ray player which is what plays Netflix which is where we enjoy cat in the hat and Colby in the bear you out move could. You know several of our kid shows. In the remote was missing. For four and a half days her her her car and every day I would say to the boys. Where's the remote you know where it is because we can't watch move without it and they would. They would kind of look and feel like they knew they wouldn't tell me. You know could that figure could they hit it obviously I mean they took oh yeah they don't hit it. Yeah I was so does that have salvaging the Christians are by an couch lets out there and look there. So why not and I'm and it got to the point where I was giving up like we I was just an ordinary new remote first I tried to train other remote. Linger in the master remote and then not all that did was end up turning on the closed captioning when you can now turn off a path for another day and a half. But finally. Just I love war and when you find it as just a last ditch effort. So I'd seriously turnout like upside down the refrigerator something look Dinara cup iWeb group. I remember the night we came home. We had a baby sitter and when the baby sitter shepherd said the remotes been missing since yesterday and she's usually go to finding and when we came on she's a good luck. And I looked down right off and then that night I put on some rubber gloves and went through the garbage. I like and where is the remote wears them out so then. Not yesterday but the day before just plain with the kids on the floor. Just kind of to doing whatever. I think about deep in the back of the thing that holds the TV when it's let his cabinet are never beaten like. Deep in the banker Jeannie standout TV standard has some slots and it so it suddenly just a little Angel came to me and said. Reach all the way back in the middle slot all the way back and then I did and I found it and I pulled out. And they're both sitting down so. And then they just kept. They don't feel like I got excited about it while think they understood the implications that much they may have some of their shows for a couple days but maybe that was a good. Anyway so there there you have it 60% of people have been late for work or school because they couldn't find something. What we know can't find your keys rather Sunday night that. Now I can happen in 40% think they're getting older is the reason we lose stuff but it says meant more meals are actually twice as likely to lose stuff is baby boomers. And one thing I need to have problem with so. Every once in awhile is losing some kind of piece of paperwork. Oh that is either like at Shaq. Because you normally don't get paper checks anymore right sometimes you do. I get checked or you know some important other thing the guys need. And then you go through all the recyclables. And take a mall loud they're all guy floor and I. I have found him in the recyclables before it was so bad that may really now I easily they're somewhere around Saturn is in that same coat pocket were the keys were.