Why So Happy?

Tuesday, June 19th

Jonathan has determined that people who work at car rental places are the happiest people on the planet. Just what is behind their cheery demeanor?

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Yesterday had to get a rented car and I don't know what the secret is but the last two times I've had to rent a car. The person I'm dealing with is so happy. Like. Ridiculously. How's your day going when he jumped again and again I nitrous tank under their dust may be that there beaten and cut and others and I. Seriously because it's not just here it's genetic it's not just like okay this one location in Madison disservice to scientific study by me. And the last tyrant and Carol we're on vacation and the guy I was super happy to. And I'm not sure maybe there's something really fun going on in the rental car business is this guy couldn't believe. How much all we how chatty wise and at the end he even gave me his card and said. You know anything you need during this time feel free to call us any of us but here's my personal card and I said we just review we'll going to gas. And I give you the keys or come back and he said when you can even just put it in that Dropbox as as anything else I need to sign or do now. You can do your cards right I mean I'm happy it was great to be better than. Someone being grumpy but and that in fact even while we were like walking out of the vehicle to gather. There was another dude coming in and out. Customer looked tired Monday you know Hollywood Demi said Morningstar hope you have a great weekend and the guy went back. But. Again this resident complained it's it's more of a not you know it's nice. See that's like. Servers in a restaurant that you know at certain chain restaurants cracked. Where you know they're being monitored for their perky and sports to be happier at certain ice cream store I don't know if they still do when they. When you walk in they have to act all happy. In crazy. It was a nice I enjoyed it it was refreshing ibex at some sailor requirement. BK is but you wanna hear the weirdest requirement that I ever heard a share anything. The big statement the British requirement of anything you ever heard for anything. My did you vague your leg of oh and a requirement network okay in the workplace. A. My Clifford Mike's son Seth when he was like early twenties and worked its. Spencer's gifts Soliai announcement that it they recruit they want them to dance. In the store. And what you mean like like when the music like dances to music and Angola to customers is there anything I can do and and dance ditty even make it through full shift Lisa I wouldn't he was like I'm not dancing I don't remember if I think he quit. Over the dancing like I am not I think I would truly is awesome I'm not a while.