Wisdom From A Cookie

Thursday, February 15th

Jonathan & Kitty find out you can learn a lot from the messages inside fortune cookies.

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Tomorrow's the Chinese New Year old ear of the something you're of the dog okay. But I just on a story about the funniest. Fortune cookie messages and of course fortune cookies are not really Chinese but the they have the mad Chinese restaurant or there's a connection correct OK okay so there. Our salute to the Chinese there you everybody you're the dog we're gonna talk fortune cores they're you know we actors these are pretty funny but some pretty profound. These are real ones these are ones that people found and I don't know if they put a man instead grammar read Anderson I think the demand to say in bad at the end but now I'm doing now hoping that's everybody else's joke. Ours. Me I mean if you wanna do in your eyes out if you wanna do in your head that's completely OK okay. Paris aboard panic come violent compiled all of these great and these are some my favorites is a profound one. How much deeper with the ocean be without sponges. Input and then I saw the look I don't love it I. This one's a little ominous you laugh now wait till you get home. Frightening. One that's a little ironic coworker just came back from sick leave after a heart attack. So I went out to eat celebrate him being back he had two fortunes in one cookie. Both of them said your heart will skip a beat oh. Since China funny. Guys said they spend thirty minutes trying to get my fortune out without breaking the bay or the kooky. Mean. Got a lot of free time death linked his stay his fortune inside that these cookies and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Should come across that hey help I'm being held prisoner incited Chinese honey I. That they show does admit that it's got to be real all right what he passed nobody could just threw one up and put it on and and instead Rampage but then no one person who wrote this is my favorite and definitely the most ominous Amal if I got this I would be pretty afraid. The scariest fortune cookie and never gotten this person said. Paula said was. We're and in. And of course everything relates to Simpson's right to me. I've heard that some way so there was the episode were homer meets a coworker in she's perfect for him. They they have the same habits they gobbled down doughnuts the same it's all the same and he doesn't really wanna have an affair with her but they're so perfect for each other they end up going out to dinner. Because there at a conference and they go to dinner. And it's a Chinese restaurant and they get the fortune cookie so he opens up his fortune cookie you'll. Find happiness winning new love. Only religion I think he's there against meet my lipstick calling and can't great city. So you know that's what it is he opens it up and it he said what's the point I can't fight fate right. Then they go to the kitchen of the Chinese restaurant and there's two large barrels and one says you'll find happiness with the new law. In the other one says stick with your wife I don't know resort to send back. Immediately welcomed these are new love cookies well enough dust which alleged barrel. Yeah okay. So you laughed at that but not any of these fortunes. There's definitely something wrong with you here.