On Your Feet!

Wednesday, May 16th

"On Your Feet! The Emilio & Gloria Estefan Musical" is now playing at Overture Hall. Jonathan & Kitty chat with Christie Prades, who is amazing as Gloria, and Clay Ostwald, who is the show's musical director and member of Miami Sound Machine.

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It's Jonathan in kitty in the morning on 1055 triple lamb and an amazing show and overture hall it's on your feet it runs through Sunday is the story of glorious stuff on. And it's up pretty inspiring story and we have a couple members here of the show first we sell loaded Christine provost hello Christine get right in that Michael. Ten you know how I AM. Wonderful good morning and and welcome handout will also talk with clay Oswald in just a minute who's a member of the Miami sound machine and also. The music director for the show but Christine let's start off with view and this is kind of a personal show for you in a way is and because of your upbringing tell us a little bit about you know your childhood not everything but give us. You kind of think yeah. A little scoop yeah and actually originally from Miami Florida. I was actually agrees with. The music is Afghanistan machine I mean I'm Cuban American my parents Cuban immigrants that they came here on the seventies from the same time. That Gloria did and he has she's kind of been an inspiration to mean her. A very long time she's been an example to me. From my mama like wow if I wanted to do this whole music thing them on the saint this is the example and Gloria was that type of women not only has an artist but. As a woman as a philanthropist as someone who gives back to the community as someone who remembers her roots all the time. So getting to play Eric kind of get to portray myself and my family and my upbringing. And it's a beautiful thing to Tennessee these two worlds collide on stage in me just get ten. The mean. But I mean as a kid listening to music and then to meet her and you know become friends with moderately and I respect that's got to be mindful. Yeah I we've been extremely lucky to have her so involved with the show even since Broadway not only with her but to have. The sound machine with us on stage that you get to hear the authenticity of the music he gets to hear the people who started it all so we've been lucky to have. These two people around us from the very beginning it it doesn't get more real than that. Absolutely we're talking Christine prodded some I think that's actually Christie. How I feel like you're pristine mountain. Yeah half. So. It is their eyes and his story that and I get really understand it but that you were in a situation where glorious stuff I'm like. Invited you to be in the show or something that it really. Now part of what was that what's that stuff. So over her face that is okay you know she. We were doing Promos I was in Promos for the show I was on the Broadway production. And we would you promise indifferent. Areas of the United States just to promote the show. But there was one particular one back in February of last year where we were promoting the tour just the launch of the tour. And there were a few surprises that we where we were like OK something's gonna happen you know so we did the whole snow on the whole shebang and once they finished Gloria have come up. In that moment where here in the Irish Setter or a bunch of presses there these people. And I thought it was just going to be about the announcement of the tour and glory comes up and so nonchalant is like how would actually the tour. And I was so shocked that I didn't even say anything for a good thirty seconds and those thirty seconds public forever because she was like. While you can just added I should and I'm like yeah yeah just shut this can't theory out. He adds and it's all over. Is that so I get to remember. The whole thing over and nobody in our governments like me calling you the wrong name in Hungarian and I can't I heard about now a big thing about your feet of courses. Her accident itchy and now a series that was and that is also personal for you for your Brothers that correct yes can you know. They have my brother got into a pretty serious car accident back in 2006. When his senior year. And I was preach about it for us I mean he had hurt his femur his headphones on an inside game he my old. Say yes he had so many things happening to them and I got through the experience that he had to go to therapy to start walking again. So I definitely. In a way went through the same thing just happy to be there for my Brothers so I definitely connected that with this story in every time and announced her retirement. Katrina moment I always have to think about about that situation and that time was it difficult I will say it was at I was watching the show last night. I was like why neighboring Kleenex to. I like crying praying it was so many emotional Harry it was so beauty you know a celebratory but then so much about Faye MO me and being afraid of losing someone and and I was just like oh my gosh this is this is teaming for awhile dry it absolutely is successful on people are just because they think they're coming. To see this just think this concert the you know has attribute but. And you do get that aspect of it but there's just so much more substance in the story and you get to see so much more of her life. On a deeper level her with her family her with her tribulations with the media trend crossover from the Spanish and English market. He deafening get to see some some real stuff to get to see the human side of her not just the global superstar and it takes people by surprise. Because they don't expect Alba. Right so do you we're timeout on your feet at overture hall through Sunday and Christie Protestants here and I don't worry we we have a for an anabolic I'm not worried about the tennis I don't. By Tom deeds. No I actually I don't think I think we spoke much about Amy when she was there for the whole process I was mainly asking her questions just so I can see where she was feeling. Each point in her life so I never really got to talk to her about it but. Maybe sometime in the future are not on lake city to city good schedules but he and have been able to just mainly get to know her. Absolutely and one more question for you this morning in a different show that you ran. I did read that Lin Manuel Miranda was he in the audience are what was yes. I actually started musical theater by doing in the heights it was doing more recording music. And then in Miami we did a production in the heights with half of the Broadway cast they came down. And it was always a dream of lens at the time to how the show come bounce Manny because of the Latin population. And him and Alex lack of warm which is music director that both came down he's actually originally from Miami is. So they both came down and that's right next meet him now as he was thinking he can do that is. Sounds like I come almost an eight. Get this that fast forward experienced. In music theater just by that moment. I've been very lucky. Well thank you so which aren't so clay now we outlets from the Mike over Q percent. What the hell you're doing the Miami sound machine of this ball unless he gets on radio but you're from Colorado is that correct yeah that's a really good question. I ask myself analyze and 31 years later. But I went to college in Miami to study music at the recent Miami and we met Tom Holler musician friends there formed a band at college and the first day cause damage on the cada and George process and to on safari and all the guys it became members of the them later. And we had a band refused Miami Moses. Has called the company and basically about six or seven years later glory Mayo were going through little transition where they need to step up the band for touring and stuff like that. And they came to hear us at a club and I think wages you know that's one and they parred five of us from that and to be Miami some machines in section in them 1986. So. You know I kind of remember meeting her at the front or how's the beginning and she came and lakers sweats in the gym clothes nice drama this to be good gig for a little while you know. I'm a concert to be things and 31 years later. I still enjoy every night that we play we have a blast we cry we weed man it's emotional for us we really enjoy it and now we have five guys. Not the same five but armed by people from Miami sound machine on tour with the show so we have real. Camaraderie a real working. Relationship that's wonderful so much to Gloria Amelio as far as future of the musical director of this track so did they put their hand in water not really at all or was there well during the process of the show being created and and a put together they were. Around the process all the time they were coming and going as needed. They sent me to New York to kind of be. And it. Supervising the music from the very beginning so I was involved with the very first rehearsal or perjury Billick got really to learn from the ground up how that process works and it was very enjoyable. But they came in and and left as needed and we're very involved in the story telling the music think the concept from from the beginning to hand them. So we are also looking at your resume some of the people that you play with you can vote for me included receive any legs Stevie Wonder and yeah well we did the Super Bowl or member of the year it's been met on a but it is the Super Bowl while my favorite moments was Gloria and Stevie. Singing party time us. Some broad. And I'm right behind them on camera Walt Stevie glorious thing in the song era south like that that's highlight like love to you know to save from a and it was a wonderful experience but I didn't work and any records with him or if his music that he thing with us very tall it was an honor and there well. When it what a fantastic show and again she laughs she cried it was better than cats right to I don't know I. Yes even though I never seem to have passed. I'm sure it was put up a newspaper out of Korea as well thank you so much check out on your feet capping an overture hall through Sunday thanks for Bradley. If.