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Great Taste 2018

Kitty and her boyfriend Mike just attended their 20th Great Taste of the Midwest Beer Festival here in Madison. She tells Jonathan that she does have some...

The Beacon/Interview

Kitty Dunn chats with Tami Fleming, Volunteer Coordinator at The Beacon , a day resource center helping people experiencing homelessness In Dane County.

And We Digress

Jonathan & Kitty were talking about the weird food items at the Wisconsin State Fair, when the conversation veered off into a direction no one would have...

Waitress Cast In Studio

Two of the hilarious actors from the Broadway musical Waitress stopped in to chat with Jonathan & Kitty. Lenna Klingaman, who plays Dawn, and Jeremy Morse...

Kitty's Major Victory

Kitty is not a fan of parallel parking, especially when it's on the left, and in traffic. Hear her harrowing tale of finding the perfect spot in downtown...