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Baggage Hack Fail

Thursday, January 18th
A guy had an unusual plan for getting around airline baggage fees. It did not go well. Jonathan & Kitty carry on about this important subject.

Viking Fans in Danger?

Tuesday, January 16th
Apparently watching NFL playoff games can have an unintended effect on your health, as some fans watching the Vikings and Saints found out. Jonathan &...

Aaron Loves Bucky

Wednesday, January 3rd
Aaron Rodgers was spotted at a Badger basketball game in Madison Tuesday night. Jonathan & Kitty wonder why he’d want to be in Wisconsin when the...

Worst Christmas Song Ever?

Monday, December 18th
Golf Digest says this Paul McCartney tune is the worst Christmas song of all time. Jonathan & Kitty weigh in.

Flashback: School Gift Exchange

Monday, December 11th
Did you ever exchange gifts with other kids in your class in grade school? Kitty did, and still treasures one present she got in 4th grade.

Relish This Mustard

Thursday, December 7th
A guy from Illinois says putting mustard on your Pop Tarts is a thing. Then the police got involved. Jonathan & Kitty tell you all about it.