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Jonathan raps--for a good cause

Late in our Requestathon for Second Harvest Foodbank, we got a request for Rapper's Delight. And this happened. Who knew Jonathan had the soul of a rapper?

Mascot Theory Live!

The Madison band The Mascot Theory joined Jonathan & Kitty live Friday morning to preview Flannel Fest, happening Saturday night (Nov. 3rd) at the High...

Different Is Awesome!

Kitty chats with Ryan Haack of Verona about his children's book "Different Is Awesome," what it's like to only have one hand, about being taken to school for...

Ghost Adventures

Have you ever lived in a house that had a ghost? Jonathan is surprised at what scared Kitty more than the fact that a man died in her childhood bedroom.

Side Dish Sadness

Jonathan & Kitty mourn the passing of Dorcas Reilly. You may not know her name, but you've probably tasted her salty holiday creation.

John Cleese Interview

And now for something completely different...John Cleese is coming to Madison on November 18th. Jonathan had a chance to chat Mr. Cleese about Python, Fawlty...