Based on the belief that smiles are contagious, MJ² creates acoustic feel-good music that comes straight from the heart, the kind of music that makes you come alive. With smooth, catchy vocals, supported by seemingly familiar guitar, the dynamic duo will draw you in as they share their story about living a real life fairytale. Armed with an acoustic guitar, together M (Mary Wallin), J (Jourdan Hines), and their dog Jaya are ready to take the world on at large.

Jourdan is currently working on his debut solo album slated for release this summer, 2017. MJ2 will have a couple featured songs on the album so stay tuned to www.jourdanhines.com for the official release and details!

In addition to performing together Mary and Jourdan also teach yoga. Earlier this year they launched a health and wellness brand called Well Rounded Guru where they share healthy lifestyle tidbits on yoga and delicious recipes with just a pinch of indulgence.

Ready Set Go! ( 4/12/17)

MJ2 is so excited and humbled to be part of Project M this year! With the first challenge underway we are striving to write, practice, and deliver our best work. We’re so thrilled to be amongst such a great group of musician and can’t wait to get to know the duos more over the next few weeks!

With being part of this competition, we’re ready for our New Life Chapter One!

Come Alive (4/19)

Wow! What a fun night with great performances; such awesome duos to share the stage with.

Mary and I are happy to have this first performance under our belt. Our song title Come Alive was written about when we first fell in love. It was a time in our life after we’d just gotten over previous relationships and found solace in each other. More than that, after years of building a strong friendship together, we fell in love and made a pact that this was it. It was a new life chapter and these memories totally fit the theme of the first challenge.

Some additional exciting news; Jourdan is currently recording his debut solo album, which will be a six song EP! It is an eclectic mix of acoustic pop-rock with a dash of folk and bluegrass. He has decided to include Come Alive as the title track and MJ2will most definitely be featured on the album.

Jourdan just launched a Kickstarter campaign called The Come Alive Project to help cover the cost of making this album, a featured music video, as well as two followup EPs he has planned. Please help to spread the word and make this dream come to life:)