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Why So Happy?

Tuesday, June 19th
Jonathan has determined that people who work at car rental places are the happiest people on the planet. Just what is behind their cheery demeanor?

J & K's Drunk Dining Guide

Friday, June 15th
A recent survey found Taco Bell is America's favorite place to eat after a night of partying, and that brought back some memories of late night dining on State...

Is Kitty A Real Pioneer Woman?

Wednesday, June 13th
Kitty has been offered a chance to be a charter subscriber to Pioneer Woman magazine. She's pretty excited about some of the likely articles. Not all of them...

Let's Move To Mars

Wednesday, June 13th
Scientists say life on Mars is possible, but it would be no picnic. Jonathan & KItty contemplate a move to the Red Planet.

Purple Beer?

Tuesday, June 12th
A brewery in Milwaukee has tapped a glittery, purple beer, and Jonathan & Kitty want to try it!

Chloe Louise

Tuesday, May 22nd
Introducing Chloe Louise, our Project M Champ for 2018. She talks with Jonathan & Kitty about competing in our singer-songwriter competition, and creating...