The North Code

A lawyer and a doctor walked into a bar...and started a band.  Both Wisconsin natives, Josh and Adam always dreamt of pursuing music, but put their instruments aside to pursue careers in medicine and law.  In 2016, they decided to make a change, dust off their instruments, and start writing.  With a new passion, they have revived the dream as The North Code.


We are having a blast in this competition!  Being given challenges each week has made us really analyze our approach to songwriting.  Coming up with a fully developed song in a week is no small feat.  We have done our best to not only write songs that meet the challenge, but songs that we can be proud of and hopefully record in the future.

This week we were given the challenge of writing a "song to our younger selves."  Our song this week is called "Hindsight" and is us sharing lessons we have learned with our younger selves without imparting judgement or criticism.  The lyrics highlight key points in our lives where we got lost or overwhelmed with minutia and forgot to see the forest through the trees.  The song teaches our younger selves about perspectives we wish we would have taken or considered at the time, while reminding the young Josh/Adam to keep your head up, heed the lessons, and move forward.


This week we were given the challenge of writing a song about an article of clothing.  As working professionals, our minds immediately went to a suit and jacket.  The song is not only about the clothing itself, but also the symbol it represents--a routine, straight-laced life.  We had a lot of fun writing the song this week and decided to try a different style.  Thanks to everybody for coming out to hear us.  We hope you all like the new song.



We were told to play our signature song for week 5 of the competition.  We see this as a challenge because our band has not been around for very long and it's still too early to tell what our signature song is going to be.  However, we believe that the song we chose, "I Found You," is a solid representation of the sound that defines us as a band.  We started writing the song shortly before Project M began.  It was a lot of fun to revisit and complete.


We want to thank everyone for their support!  You can now find The North Code online: