Project M 2016: Brett Schwartz

Meet Brett Schwartz

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5/2/16: For this week’s challenge, I’m wrote a song that had to be called “Illuminator”. This is almost too coincidental. Let me explain…

I work part time as a dog walker/sitter. This past week, one of the dogs I work with had to be put down. I was already in the process of writing a song about her, and then the “Illuminator” challenge allowed me to finish it. The dog’s name? Luma. Luma the illuminator. I don’t mean that to just sound semantically pleasing. 

Luma (and all the other dogs I work with) are all teachers in their own way. They help illuminate all of the hang-ups in my own head. The nature of dogs (and most other animals) is unconditional happiness, what I consider to be the natural state of being. However, we humans have gone far from that center point. We’re almost always worrying about the future, feeling guilty about the past, and discontent with whatever present moment we’re in. 

Why do you think dogs are man’s best friend? They remind us to be unconditionally happy. No matter if we have a bad day at work, when we come home we can be sure that our dog will be happy to see us. That naturally cheers us up and puts our problems in a different, less serious perspective. Luma and the other dogs I work with illuminate all of my own qualms so I can learn to let them go and be unreasonably happy like they are!

I’m looking forward to sharing this one with y’all!


4/20/16: What a cool opportunity this is! Even if I don't make it to the end, I'm grateful just to participate.

The name's Brett Schwartz. I just graduated from UW-Madison in December with a Biology degree...and have no idea what to do with it.  I started songwriting in the summer of 2014 after not playing guitar for ten straight years. Turns out I really enjoyed it, so I kept doing it. My focus is mostly folk, although there's usually alternative sprinkled in their somewhere. My inspirations include the likes of Paul Simon, Gregory Alan Isakov, Ben Howard and John Mayer.

Besides open mics, this is really my first time ever doing a formal performance! I'll be the first one to play next week as well, which is perfectly nerve-racking! I will open with a song on my newest album called "The Heartbeat of Our Youth," a short, concise little tune. See you next week!