Project M 2016: Kevin Andrews

Meet Kevin Andrews


5/23/16: I can't believe it's the final week of the competition; time has flown! For this week, we were given a challenge to write a new song having something to do with a location. I decided to zoom out a bit, and I wrote a song about our sister galaxy, titled appropriately Andromeda. As for my signature song, I wasn't sure for most of the week what to choose. I ended up picking a song that I love and other people seem to really enjoy also called Shadows. I feel good about my tow songs this week; hopefully the judges will too and will send me to the final performances on Thursday!

Lastly, incase I don't get another chance, I'd like to thank the radio station for this opportunity. This is a wonderful way to be supporting the arts in Madison, and I don't think I would be speaking only for myself to say this has made me a better artist and songwriter. It's been a really intensive process and so worth it. So - thank you, Triple M!

5/16/16: Hey there Project M followers! Week 4. Our challenge was to write a song about an emotion that we randomly drew. I picked remorse. At first it seemed like a difficult thing to write a song about...and it has been! Staying with the theme of remorse when it came to the lyrics made this one of the most challenging assignments so far. I think it's the most specific challenge we have received, and because of that it took even more thought and time than the others. I began the writing process by looking at what causes remorse and seeing that a major cause is inaction in not following our hearts and living up to our potential, whether it be in little ways or bigger ones. In that sense, the song began to take on a "Carpe Diem" sort of tone. It's called "For Love to Come Along." Thanks for following and listening, and I hope you enjoy! 

5/9/16: Week three! Thanks for all the support I've been receiving from everyone in the competition this far. Your kind words, advice, encouragement and votes are much appreciated. Last week was a big learning experience for me! Although I really like the song I wrote, I finished it last minute and was clinging to the lyrics on stage. Because of that, I didn't feel totally comfortable with my performance, so I made sure to finish my song early this week. I locked myself away in my studio all of Tuesday and wrote something I really love. I'm calling it "Tell the Truth," and it is about having an experience of losing someone yet realizing they are still with us. The picture we were given to write about spoke to me of someone walking way on their own to come to terms with something that may be weighing heavy on them. Thanks again for following, and I hope you enjoy!

5/2/16: Wow, what a week it's been! I'm putting the finishing touches on "Soul Shaker," the song I was given to write as part of Challenge 2. When pondering what to write about, I decided to go with a little song about having an experience of love at first sight - because what's more soul-shaking than that? I hope everyone's enjoying the competition so far. It was good to get to talk to some of the other guys last week and see everyone perform for the first time. Ok...back to work. Hope to see you at Funk's! 

4/25/16: Hey everyone! What an honor it is to be a part of Project M. I'm excited for the challenge and to be writing new material each week. This is such an amazing opportunity to share my passion for music with so many people and to meet other local musicians in the Madison scene. I have been a performing musician for quite a while, spending several years in the Baraboo/Dells area before moving to the West Coast for a change of pace in 2012. I lived in beautiful Oregon for a few years before coming back and settling here in Madison last spring. I really love this great city and all it has to offer...such as opportunities like this! For my first performance, I will be revisiting an older song that's been out of my regular performing rotation lately, but I think it will be a good fit for the challenge this week. I hope you enjoy and thanks for your support!